How to avoid gaining weight through finals

With your college finals coming up and the semester coming to a close, the majority of students are not too focused on whether they are gaining weight or keeping fit. Studying and sitting finals is a time filled with pressures, and your brain has many different things it is trying to absorb.

The looming thoughts of summer vacations and beach parties seem so close yet so far away – we are pretty sure you don’t want to feel uncomfortable when it comes to bathing suit season. We would bet that your all-nighters will be focused on revision and hopefully not filled with too much stress, which can be a catalyst for unwanted weight gain for many reasons.

Have you ever thought of looking into exercise and what you can do to keep yourself healthy during the finals? Your results, mental wellbeing, and overall fitness will probably thank you for it when the dust has settled, and you have obtained excellent results on your papers. (Hopefully).

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Secondary exercises

Finding a gym is not suitable for everybody at this time in your student life, but that doesn’t mean there is no way to exercise completely. Studying, reading and writing can require a lot of stimulation, but you can still move your body at the same time.

Try moving your feet when reading or doing some crunches as you try and memorize flashcards. Practising yoga positions can be a good way to combine exercise with revision, but if none of that suits you, try recording your study papers and listen to them on replay when you go for a walk or jog, this will help you memorize the things you need to. The change of scenery will keep the brain fog away and revitalize your enthusiasm too. Remember that the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.

Boost your energy naturally

We do become what we eat, and if you are running on sugary or caffeinated drinks all day long, you will suffer from low energy and constant cravings. Sugary drinks spike your insulin levels meaning more chance of gaining unwanted fat, and they are also full of calories that you don’t need. Caffeine can be great in small amounts, but it depends on where you source it from. Go for green tea, and you can also enjoy the fat burning properties and antioxidants packed inside also.

Instead of quick sources of manufactured energy, why don’t you try using natural energy sources of complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, yams, brown rice, and pasta? They offer slow, sustained energy that is converted into glucose. This is your brain’s preferred energy source too, so you will undoubtedly perform better and improve your cognitive abilities.

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Allow yourself a break

Don’t feel like you are quitting by allowing yourself some well-deserved rest. We don’t mean that you should quit before you have done some substantial studying though either! Set yourself an hour break every few hours to relax or take your mind off of the task at hand.

You will quickly lose concentration and become bored if you do the same thing for too long. So, treat yourself to a bath, listen to that new playlist or go and see a movie. Destressing will lead you onto a healthier path mentally and physically. We know how finals can be such a stressful time, but you have a plethora of solutions in your arsenal to stay fit and healthy throughout your exams, just consult this list in your time of need.