The most beautiful colleges in the US

You might think that picking the perfect college is all about choosing somewhere to further your education, but what are you supposed to look at for the next few years of your life? Precisely. Sometimes, we need the most beautiful colleges in the U.S. to show us we can learn all about the world and get a treat for the eyes, too.

University of Washington, Washington

Want a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains, the Cascades Range, and of Mount Rainier all at one? Then look no further than the University of Washington. This picturesque college is also home to the Suzzallo library that features 35-foot stained-glass windows that look out over the campus, as well as a gilded vaulted ceiling. If you’re still not convinced, then it might be time to take a walk through the Liberal Arts Quad. Here, students are greeted to no less than 31 cherry trees that fill the air with their blossom every spring. 

The most beautiful colleges in the US

Berry College, Georgia

The Berry College is a place designed around the outdoor classroom, and it can be easy to see why so many people want to spend their time outside. There are several gothic-style buildings dotted all throughout the landscape, but it’s the land that has people talking. There are more than 27,000 acres of wooded areas, ponds, streams, fields, and even Lavender Mountain to take in each and every day. As if all of that wasn’t enough, people can also enjoy over 80 miles of trail walking to take in every aspect of this outdoor wonderland.

University of Chicago, Illinois

The University of Chicago is the place to be if you want to see English inspired gothic buildings teamed with American spirit. The structures have created a space like no other in the city as ivy entwines its way up most of the buildings throughout the campus. This green beauty is also home to 217 acres of land that features a botanical garden and many parks. Here, students get the wonder of enjoying all the animals that call the University of Chicago “home,” such as dragonflies, turtles, and ducks.

The most beautiful colleges in the US

Flagler College, Florida

Perhaps there is a reason this college is one of the most beautiful in the U.S.? After all, Flagler College was once a hotel. As if that wasn’t enough, the liked is Martin Luther King Jr., Ernest Hemingway, and Mark Twain have all stayed in the buildings over the years. Flagler College also has another claim to fame as it was one of the first buildings in America to open with built-in electricity. That’s quite the title. Now, students still get to enjoy the original Tiffany stained-glass windows as well as several other original features from the building’s days of entertaining the rich and famous.

Thankfully, it looks as though we really can have our education and enjoy it too thanks to the most beautiful colleges in the U.S. Whoever would have thought there would be so many campuses that are brought to life through the wonder of the surrounding buildings and land? Certainly not us.