The benefits of a study group

When it comes to studying, everyone works best in different circumstances. Some people find it easiest to concentrate when they’re sitting in absolute silence with no-one around to distract them. Others prefer to have a bit of background noise to keep them from going stir crazy, although nothing too loud that will steal their attention. Then, are those who work best with a group around them. It can be challenging for people to study with others when they’re used to doing things solo, but the benefits of a group sesh could prove worthwhile.


It reduces procrastination

One of the biggest problems with studying alone is that procrastination is a very real issue. All it takes is for the tiniest thing to sidetrack you, and the next thing you know you’ve wasted an hour doing absolutely nothing. Thankfully, that’s less likely to happen when you’re working in a group. As long as one person is determined to keep things on topic, you stand a better chance of learning something than if you were by yourself.

You share perspectives

We all see the world in different ways, so it stands to reason that working with others can show you perspectives you might not have otherwise encountered. That can really help if you’re studying something like literature where there isn’t always one right answer. While you might not necessarily agree with other people’s opinions, they can still be influential to your own responses. Plus, they might lead to debates which are always a good thing to have.

People can be helpful

Studying with others isn’t just beneficial because you get to see things from different points of views. Having a group around you can be useful in many ways, particularly if you get stuck on anything. While you might not understand something, someone else probably will. Not only can they then explain it to you, but they can also do it in a way that’s likely to make more sense than if it was coming from your teacher. You still might not understand it, but there’s a good chance you’ll have a better grasp than if you’d been studying alone.


They give you good practice

In the real world, working well with others is essential. If you have a job where it’s important to be a team player, you’ll need to have decent people skills. That means more than just being polite or sociable with your co-workers. Things like allowing others to have their say, listening to opinions and evaluating them, and finding solutions as a group are all vital in most work environments. You’ll find that being in a study group can really help you improve in these areas and will prepare you for the future.

Sometimes it’s fun

Studying is very rarely an enjoyable experience. After all, you’re spending your time with your head in a book rather than playing video games or watching a movie. However, when you do it with a group, you at least have an opportunity to liven things up a little. While it’s vital that you focus on the task at hand, being around others can instantly make things more interesting. Plus, if you discover ways to make the experience more exciting, you’ll find that the time just flies by.

You might not think that a study group is right for you, but there’s no harm in giving one a try. It may surprise you just how effective they can be!