The best college acapella groups

Singing acapella is the true measure of the singer’s talent. It is when there is no musical accompaniment. With no music and pitches as a guide, it can be easy to lose a note or fall completely off-key. Acapella groups harmonizing together can take this form of music to a whole new level. Some college acapella groups have been noted to be the best in the world. In this article, we are looking at the best college acapella groups to have graced our ears for 2019.

The SoCal VoCals

The University of Southern Carolina has been the proud home of this acapella group since 1996. The group currently consists of 19 vocalists who all attend the college. The group has recorded 8 studio albums and has featured on many more compilation albums. They even have a music video.

The best college acapella groups

The Loreleis

Carolina seems to be the place to go to find good singing talent. Serenading the University of North Carolina since 1981 is The Loreleis. This all-female acapella group currently consists of 16 beautiful voices and faces. Named after a mythical being who seduced sailors with her glorious voice, The Loreleis live true to their name.

The Clef Hangers

The oldest acapella group in Carolina is the Clef Hangers, the all-male group from the University of North Carolina. The group is extremely popular, just listen to them on Spotify to find out why. They consist of 13 members and can be booked for weddings and other functions.

The JMU Overtones

The James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, has been the proud home of the Overtones since 1997. The talented co-ed group currently consists of 15 members and has recently released their 10th studio album. This year was a big milestone for the group as it saw the release of their first music video.

The GW Vibes

Currently consisting of 18 co-ed members, The GW Vibes have been making their sweet sounds since 1999. They are the premiere acapella group at George Washington University in Washington DC. This fantastic group has been entering championships and winning awards since 2012, and every year they are taking home the titles. Their current music consists only of covers. It would be great to hear them in an all-original album.

Alabaster Blue

16 extremely talented coeds make up this acapella marvel. The University of New Hampshire in Durham has been their home since 1998. The group has recorded 2 studio albums (‘Flux’ and ‘Wild Things’) and has a pretty good following on Spotify.

The best college acapella groups

One Note Stand

Going strong at The University of Texas at Austin since 2009 is One Note Stand. The 12 co-ed members who make up the group have a passion for music and for people. The group recorded their first studio album in 2016 and is very competitive with other groups from around the country. The group can often be found performing at various events to raise money for charity.

With the hundreds of college acapella groups out there, these have pushed through and given it their all to be the best of the best. They cover a wide variety of musical genres and put their hearts and souls into their performances. From covers to original songs, there will always be something new for you to tap your feet to.