Best college acapella groups

Acapella groups have always been a wonderfully spirited part of college, but there’s no doubt that they have definitely become a lot more popular thanks to the mainstream profile of pop culture phenomenons Glee and Pitch Perfect.

The first college acapella group was formed in 1909, but in recent years, the uninstrumented form of performing art has burst with even more color, joy, and sounds. Here is our list on some of the best acapella groups that the country has to offer.

The Whiffenpoofs – Yale University

As well as their remarkably memorable name, The Whiffenpoofs have really made a name for themselves across the country, making appearances on shows hit-shows like Saturday Night Live, Gilmore Girls, and The Today Show. Their charming charisma and extraordinary all-male vocal talents make them irresistible to fall in love with. We certainly have.

Best college acapella groups

The Sil’hooettes – University of Virginia

If The Whiffenpoofs are a group of singing studs, then The Sil’hooettes are the epitome of girl power. They often take part in public performances in front of huge crowds like at Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox. They always deliver incredible performances, covering huge anthems from artists like Lana Del Rey and Radiohead.

The Opportunes – Harvard University

Not only are they quite obviously really intellectual, but boy can they sing too! They too have had some honorable performance opportunities, wowing audiences across the country with their powerfully evocative performances of great covers. They have some famous fans too, including Adam Sandler, Quincy Jones, and James Moody. You go Opportunes! Good on you.

Penn Masala – University of Pennsylvania

This group has put a striking cultural spin on acapella, mixing the singing of pop music with some inspiration from Hindi music. The end product is absolutely brilliant. Their unique take on acapella has put them in demand, with the group never shy of public appearances in the pipeline. They’ve performed all over the world, including a prestigious gig at 2009’s White House Diwali celebrations.

The Beelzebubs – Tufts University

The Beelzebubs are often dubbed the real-life Warblers from Pitch Perfect, and you only need to watch one of their YouTube videos to see why. They really are going from strength to strength, performing internationally and on TV shows like The Sing-Off. What’s more, not only do they give exceptional group performances, but each individual voice will give you goosebumps too. They are definitely not one to skip!

Best college acapella groups

On the Rocks – University of Oregon

Another group to compete on NBC’s The Sing-Off is On the Rocks, an all-male group who have something special. They always surprise their audiences, with quirky choreography, daring song choices, and always having a few tricks up their sleeves. They have become YouTube sensations too, with their flashmob NYC subway performance notching up over 2 million views, and their Lady Gaga cover of Bad Romance gaining of 8 million views. Even if you’re not a fan of acapella, it’s worth watching just for their dance routines.

Are you a college student? Can you sing? Do you love performing? Well, if your answer is yes to all of these questions, then acapella may well be right up your street. Not only is it seriously cool, but you’ll have an amazing time along the way too. Get your vocal cords warmed up and a lemon tea boiling, it’s time to sing!