Best college towns in America

It can be tough choosing which college you wish to go to, and there are so many factors that come into it, after all. College has been said to be one of the best times of people’s lives, which makes it even more crucial to choose the right one for you. Different colleges are known for different things, but there is no doubt that some towns are far more renowned for the optimal college experience compared to others. Whether it’s a fantastic Greek life you seek or a wealth of like-minded people, there is a college out there that has what you’re looking for.

Austin, Texas

If you love football, then Austin Texas is the place to go. Some have even suggested that it’s like being at the Superbowl, with how passionately people support the games. This college town had been said to have great weather almost all year, and some amazing nightlife that goes on until the early hours of the morning and a unique music scene. However, in this college town, it’s all about the game.

Austin, Texas

Ames, Iowa

Ames may be a small town, but it doesn’t character. Ames has been dubbed one of the best college towns with many prospects. This place is for those who enjoy the small town feel but with all the college perks. This place has a vibrant nightlife, but if it’s future prospects you’re looking for, then you are in the right place. Ames has a high rate of employers and employment in general. The university is also something to be desired, and a place worth studying at; many historical achievements have been made at this campus. It happens to be where the first digital computers originated.

Ithaca, New York

The glorious New York, the town of Ithaca is said to have one of the best communities fostered within a college environment. This is because more than half the population are students studying for most of the year, providing a wealth of student-hosted gatherings. There is a renowned school of music that attracts people from all over and is home to some of the most talented musicians. If you love a good bit of live music and great company, then this is the town for you.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor has one of the most beautiful college campuses there is to see, but that’s not all. One of the biggest draws to this college town is that it’s not as expensive as others on offer, and that’s even considering everything there is to do there. They have one of the best athletic programmes there is, along with a highly ranked social environment as voted by the students. There is also a wealth of things to do around, such as a plethora of theatres, restaurants among other things

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Orlando, Florida

Who wouldn’t want to study in Florida? This has been voted one of the best places to study, and it’s not all to do with the weather. With so much to offer and one of the best universities, it’s hard to imagine studying anywhere else.

It’s important to do the correct research when choosing the college you intend to go to, whether it’s for a particular course, area or activities on offer. Whatever you choose, make the most of it!