Best fraternities in the United States

Over 800 colleges across Canada and the United States play host to fraternities. This means there are eight hundred chances for you to encounter lifelong partners, grasp vital lessons, and get ahead in today’s trading world.

With all the advantages fraternity life has to provide to scholars, it’s no surprise that nearly a hundred thousand men pledged last year. However, it can be challenging to find a fraternity that fits your sensibilities. To assist you through your choice, here is the list of some of the best brotherhoods in the US.

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi was founded in 1855 at Miami University in Ohio. The fraternity is a favored charitable partner of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and is undoubtedly one of the ideal brotherhoods in the United States. This privilege comes on the heels of its steady dedication to philanthropic efforts. Like most other fraternities, it has its own symbol, rituals, and colors. The fraternity has over 300,000 members and approximately 240 chapters countrywide.

Kappa Sigma

This fraternity was started in 1896 and comes from University of Virginia. They are substantially united by Veteran Allied Aid and to that end, help a great military cause. Kappa Sigma has approximately 200,000 members and chapters which total over 300 across the country. Its investment fund, which was started in 1919, has contributed more than five million dollars to undergrads. The fund raised over one million dollars in contributions in 2012 alone.

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha was founded in March 1868 at the University of Virginia. The fraternity has over 225 colonies and chapters across the United States and abroad. With over 15,500 undergraduates and 280,000 lifetime members, the vision statement of this fraternity is to set the standard of intellect, achievement, and integrity of their members, institutions, and communities we live in.

Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha is the youngest fraternity on the list, having been started in 1909. This fraternity centers its charity on nourishing America. It enjoys the great privilege of being one of the rapidly expanding brotherhoods over the last ten years. It’s one of the great communal fraternities in North America and has more than 280,000 lifetime members,  and active colonies and chapters at 195 universities.

Sigma Nu

This fraternity was started by Greenfield Quarles, Frank Hopkins, and James Riley in the  Virginia Military Institute in 1896. Its existence remained confidential until January 1869, when its organizers publicly announced it. Since its formation, the fraternity has had more than 279 active and non-active colonies and chapters in the US and Canada. More than 227,000 members have been initiated as well. What makes it exceptional beyond its dedication to its Helping Hand Initiative is that it’s a great advocate against hazing.

Fraternities can be a great asset, providing you with a community, networking possibilities, and entertainment. However, it can be challenging to pick which one to vow to. Consider beginning your search with the fraternities that have been listed above. Each of these fraternities has deep roots in funding, lengthy history and appearances on many college campuses.