The best thing about having a bad freshman year roommate

Although going to college is supposed to be the ‘best years of your life’ and blah blah blah, it’s actually just downright scary. Sure, you get to party like it’s 1995 and eat pizza for breakfast – but there’s nobody around to give you a cuddle goodnight, there’s nobody to make you breakfast in the morning, and there’s nobody to tell you that you need to separate your white laundry from your colored laundry. Instead, it’s just one hot mess of pink clothing and human-sized pillows. Things get even worse when you realize that you and your roommate have nothing in common, and you’re even more alone than you thought. Yep, this may sound pretty depressing, but there are actually some pretty epic things about having a crappy freshman year roommate…

The best thing about having a bad freshman year roommate

You get to choose your own friends

When you first start college, there is so much pressure to become best friends with your roommate – and as much as we wish this happened 100% of the time, it really doesn’t work that way (which is sometimes for the best). The college has absolutely no idea whether two people will get along when they assign dorms and rooms, which means that you could be stuck with someone who is the complete opposite of you. And not in a good way. Yet, as long as you’re civil with your roommate and don’t cut each others’ hair in the middle of the night, this gives you a chance to actually choose your own friends and form bonds with those that you choose – rather than those you’re forced to. It’s only for a year, after all.

You get the chance to try out new things

We all know that everyone is different, and sometimes these differences can actually hold you back. If you try to keep a relationship going with a roommate you’re really not sure about, you can find yourself missing the chances to try out new things and forming your own path at college – as corny as that sounds! If you fancy trying out for the cheerleading squad, but your roommate thinks it’s “what’s wrong with the world as we know it”…who cares? Sure, you get along, but you don’t live life by their rules. You live by your own rules, baby.

You get to check out the coolest (and the weirdest) parties

Having a crappy freshman roommate not only means that you can try out new things, but it also means that you can check out the coolest (and the weirdest) parties. Because you’re not tying yourself to one or two people, you get the chance to explore a little. You can hang out with the jocks in the frat houses, you can see if you can get in with the sorority girls, and you can even see if you can join the AV club. All of these groups will have their own little quirks and their own parties that you can check out which one – or all of them – that you want to join. The world is your oyster!

The best thing about having a bad freshman year roommate

You get a chance to really study

Okay, we know what you’re all thinking. Yawn, right? Who goes to college to study? Well… erm… everyone. Although during your freshman year you’re probably so focused on where you’re going that evening or which pizza joint you’re going to try out next, there is that little added extra that you actually have to pass your classes and get the grades you need not to flunk out. Y’know, it’s just a small thing. Not being tied at the hip to your roommate could be your saving grace when it comes to studying, as you can take yourself off to the library and not feel bad that you’re missing your daily movie night or COD sesh.

You get some peace and quiet

If you’re besties with your roommate, you probably have no idea what peace and quiet is – which proves our point exactly! Although college will be the most fun you’ll ever have, there are some moments where you’ll just want to take yourself away from the hustle and bustle and just be by yourself for a little while. Because you don’t have your own private room, this can be difficult, but if you’re civil with your roommate and can be in each other’s company without screaming your heads off, you can each settle down and do your own thing. You never know, your roommate not even be there most of the time! AKA the dream.

Just remember, forcing a relationship with a crappy roommate will never end well. Do your thing, give yourself time to explore, and enjoy your college experience… because we said so.