Is it better to live in co-ed dorms or not?

There’s a myriad of decisions to make when you apply for admission to college. One of the most critical decisions to make is where you want to live. Different colleges offer varied living arrangements, such as with a roommate or individual living, or off or on campus housing.

Students who opt to live on campus will also have to decide whether to live in a single-gender dorm or a co-ed dorm. Both of these dorm types have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, but today we’re focusing solely on co-ed dorms. So, is it better to live in co-ed dorms or not?

What is a co-ed dormitory?

A coed dormitory is that which incorporates both male and female students in the same building, or even within the same room. Male and female friends may be able to room together upon request. Also, these dormitories may contain gender-neutral bathrooms.

Historically, co-ed dorms were designed to accommodate LGBTQ+ students as they felt more secure living in the same room with someone who reflected their personality. Later, the policy was amended to accommodate anyone who requested it.

Co-ed dorm advantages

Students living in co-ed dorms rapidly get accustomed to having people of the opposite gender living so close to them. Living in co-ed dorms can be fun because you get to interact with members of the opposite gender.

Co-ed dorms also provide a platform where you can meet different people. You get to enjoy a good life experience in the real world. When you get out of college, you’ll have learned how to deal with people of both geders and engage with them on a whole new level.

Furthermore, many students choose to live in a co-ed dorm with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Or, you can live with a close friend of the opposite gender whom you trust and feel more secure having around. Some women prefer living close to their male friends because they feel that their male friends will deter any potential intruders.

Co-ed dorm disadvantages

There are college students who find it stressful being around the opposite gender all the time. If this sounds like something that would make you uncomfortable, a co-ed dorm is probably not the best choice for you. Similarly, co-ed dorms may not be suitable for students with strong religious views on specific issues, such as premarital relationships. Such students may find co-ed dorms uncomfortable.

Overall, the question of whether a co-ed dorm is good for you is up to you to decide. Whereas living in a co-ed dorm gives you an opportunity to interact with members of the opposite gender, it’s also prudent to consider why you went to college — to get an education.

So, if you think co-ed dorming will negatively affect your studies, you’d better go for a single-gender living situation. Co-ed dorms can come with problems, especially if you’re a shy person who hates mingling with guys and girls. Generally speaking, consider the above advantages and disadvantages before you make a decision.