Why the bond with your sorority sisters is so important

Before you left your mom and dad’s nest behind to live it large in college, you were probably pretty bored of people telling you that your college years would “be the best years of your life.” Yep, you would stand in front of your mom as her eyes would glaze over at the thoughts of her own college years, thinking to yourself, “Yeah mom, I totally know that?” You were ready. You were ready to have the time of your life; you didn’t need anyone else to tell you that. Yet, what you weren’t ready for was the fact that college would change your life completely and give you friends for life in the form of sorority sisters. Here’s why the bond with your sorority sisters is the greatest takeaway from college…

You can help each other with the job search

While college is pretty darn stressful, there is nothing more stressful than the few months after graduation when you’re expected to be an ‘adult.’ Eugh, it gives us the shivers just thinking about it. We’re not sure whose idea it was to make people work in life, but we’d like to have a word with them – because we really don’t appreciate that part of the whole life deal. Although finding a job after college is super stressful, you can rest easy knowing that your sorority sisters are around you and ready to help you. In fact, if you all help each other and teach each other all that you know about the job industry, you might be able to land your dream job with their help.

Why the bond with your sorority sisters is so important

You travel together

If you’re ever looking for a travel buddy later in life, you won’t need to look very hard – because your sorority sisters will always be on hand to travel the world with you and experience new adventures that will bring you long-lasting memories. In fact, you might have already traveled with some of your sorority sisters! The fact that you’re best friends with your sorority sisters shows both you and them that you have the same interests, which means that you’ll probably appreciate the same travels.

You will always make time for each other

No, you will never be like Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. You will ALWAYS make time for each other, no matter which boys come between you (ahem, we’re looking at you, Spencer Pratt), or the distance that comes between you. Sorority sisters are sisters for life, which means that you will do anything you can to meet up with them every so often and create a PowerPoint presentation about what’s going on in your life. It just works that way, alright?

You will always support each other

When you become a sorority sister, you take an unofficial oath to be sisters forever – and forever really means forever! Although you may go your separate ways after college and move to different areas of the world to pursue different careers, you can expect every single sorority sister across the world to be giving their fellow sisters tons of likes on Facebook, motivational comments on all of their selfies on Instagram, and even re-shares on LinkedIn when they get all professional and stuff.

Why the bond with your sorority sisters is so important

They will all be your bridesmaids

When you get married to your handsome prince or princess, we guarantee you that you will want all of your sorority sisters around you to share your special day. Yep, you’ll want to send them the cutest invitations, you’ll want to take them with you to pick out your dress, and you’ll want to make them look fly as heck when they find their bridesmaids dresses. It’s basically the law that they will be your bridesmaids.

College is the best time of your life, but the bond you share with your sorority sisters is the greatest takeaway you could ever get from college. You know, apart from the actual degree.