Can a job recruiter really help me get a job?

If you’re just as stubborn as we are, there’s a high chance that you tend to avoid help whenever you can. After all, they won’t be able to do a better job than we will, right? However, avoiding help can often make job hunting incredibly difficult – especially after college. Although you think that the world is your oyster with your new piece of paper in your hand and the dent of the mortarboard still in your hair, the reality is A LOT different. With thousands of people across the country offering the same skills and degree as you and applying for the same jobs, you can often get lost in a tray of resumes. So, can a job recruiter really help you get a job? Well, we’d like to hope so, considering it’s literally their job to find you a job…

You need to choose the right recruiter

If you’re not clued up in the world of job recruiters, there’s no need to worry – because we have the low-down for you. There are two kinds of job recruiters that you need to look after when you’re starting your job search. The first is a third-party recruiter. This recruiter works for an agency and has the ability to find you a job within numerous different sectors and businesses. On the other hand, an internal recruiter only works for one specific business. So, if you’ve always had a dream of working for Macy’s, it’s best to get in contact with a Macy’s University Recruiter, who specializes in people just like you.

Can a job recruiter really help me get a job?

They are the best middlemen

Or middlewomen. We don’t discriminate around here. If you’re toying with whether you want to get involved with a job recruiter or not, you just need to ask yourself one question… What can they do for me? Well, it turns out that they can actually do a lot. For the most part, these middlemen will act as a middle-person for you. While you can easily send out resumes to companies on your own, a job recruiter will ensure that your resume lands at the top of the pile and is one that is considered for a position. Although this could happen if you sent it out yourself, there’s no guarantee. As if that wasn’t enough to make you sign up, job recruiters can also help you perfect your resume so that it’s in its best shape, and they can form a network between some of the biggest name in the business and new college graduates – which is one of the best assets you can have. After all, we live in a dog eat dog world where it’s about who you know, not what you know…

Can a job recruiter really help me get a job?

Why can’t I just use my college career counselor?

One of the main reasons you might be doubting a chance to use a job recruiter is that you have the help and guidance of your college careers counselor literally in the next building – so why would you go to all of the hassle to interact and exchange with a random person you don’t know? Actually, there are quite a few reasons why you should exchange with a job recruiter, and the most important reason for this is that career counselors and job recruiters have very different jobs. A counselor’s job is to give your advice and guidance to secure the job of your dream, but a job recruiter will give you all of the necessary information and talk you through every step of the way to actually land your dream job – and they won’t stop until you’ve got it!

Of course, it’s your choice as to whether you use a job recruiter or not – but if you want our opinion, it’s totally worth it, because a job recruiter really can get you a job.