What college seniors want their friends to know before graduation

If you’re currently in your senior year, there’s a high chance that you feel as if you’re on a rollercoaster of emotions right now. There’s part of you that is super psyched about going leaving college and eating pizza everyday (because that totally happens). There’s part of you that is super stressed about your final exams and the prospect of failing everything. There’s part of you that is super emotional about leaving your friends and family behind. It’s all a bit much. Thankfully, you still have your friends around to get you through it all, and you can probably relate to what college seniors want their friends to know before graduation…

They should always be proud of your achievements

You’ve done it, girl! You’ve got to your senior year! Although to some people this may just be an average day in the life of a college student, for some people, getting to their senior year is a huge achievement – and one to be proud of. Letting your friends know that you’re proud of them and what they have accomplished throughout their lives so far is one of the best ways to solidify the fact that you are all awesome.

You might not be able to talk every day in adult land

As you embark on a brand new life in adult land with a new job, new apartment, and a new zip code, you’re probably going to be pretty darn busy getting to grips with an intense change in your life. This means that your old college friends could take a back seat – but that’s okay. You guys will all be able to respect the fact that you won’t be able to talk every single day, but you will always be there for each other as they as they call. It’s a bond that can’t be broken, y’all.

You’re excited to leave but sad to say goodbye

Although there are currently bricks coming out of your behind at the thought of leaving college, you also can’t wait to get into the real world away from the constraints of your family and into a life of independence. Yet, while you’re excited to leave college, you’re also sad to say goodbye to your best friends. You just know that it will be the hardest things to drive away from their love and laughter, and that’s not cool.

The group chat will always be lit

One of the best things about the modern world is that group chats exist – because really, what would we do without them? Text one individual person? Nah. Even if you’ve left your college days behind you, there is no way to leave your group chat behind you, which means it will always be lit. For your first entrance into the adult world, this group chat will be the only reminder of your college days and be your first port of call whenever you need advice or when you need to update them on your poor excuse for a life. You gotta keep it poppin’.

You’re in it for the long-haul

There’s a reason why so many people say that the friends you make in college are the friends you’ll have for life – because it’s true! Before you don our cap and gowns and retrieve that piece of paper we paid so much more, you probably want to let your friends know that this wasn’t a one-time fling. Nope, you’re in it for the long-haul. Those guys will be your friends for life, and you won’t let them ever leave you. They’re stuck there forever.

If you’re just about ready to graduate college, you best get your tissues out, because you’re gonna need to get emotional with your besties.