Which colleges are the biggest party schools?

There’s a reason why people call college the best years of your life, and it’s not because you get to spend the whole time in the library swatting up on your literature. Sure, you need to pass your exams and actually graduate (it’s kinda the whole point), but one of the most exciting aspects of going to college is leaving home, living independently, making new friends, eating pizza for breakfast, part-tay-ing the night away and getting #TURNT. After, you need to make your college experience one to remember! Yet, do you know which colleges have the best party scenes? We’re about to find out!

Texas A&M University

Although we just can’t get behind the fact that these guys live in maroon, we guess we can forgive them due to having such an epic party scene. In fact, students from the surrounding areas make their way to this campus on a nightly basis because it trumps their own party scene. From a strip full of bars and clubs to awesome frat parties, these southern belles know exactly how to throw a hoedown. Every morning, stories of the night before making their way onto the campus and into class, but one of our favorite stories has to be when a grandmother descended onto the campus and found herself in a frat house, standing upside down and downing a keg. As you do.

University of Colorado, Boulder

If you choose to go to the University of Colorado in Boulder, you better prepare yourself for a whole three years of apres-ski, because these guys go hard both on and off the slopes. As a largely sporty university, the sports teams throw epic parties every single night and invite the whole school along to their frat parties or their playing fields. As if that wasn’t enough to get you writing your application ASAP, this university also offers proximity to the mountains and large open planes that feature music festivals and skiing trips on the reg.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

The University of Wisconsin in Madison is one of the most notorious party schools in the US, and it’s not hard to see why. Holding more bars per capita than any other city in the country, this allows students to try out a brand new bar everything single night – and they definitely do their best to do exactly that! This school also houses a whopping 52 Greek houses that are always throwing their own themed nights, so you will always find a house to stop at on the way home from the bar. However, there is one crowning glory at this school. The Mifflin Block Party at the University of Wisconsin is so famous it even has its own Wikipedia page, and features a whole day of drinking, dancing, and partying. It’s epic.

Indiana University, Bloomington

If you decide to attend Indiana University in Bloomington, you better get to know the brothers of Pi Kapps, because these guys are infamous for hosting the most intense and the craziest parties in the area. It’s also a good idea to learn to like basketball and football because the tailgates at Indiana University are legendary and will fill you with all of your partying needs. If that isn’t your scene, there’s a whole load of bars and clubs just a block away from the campus, so you’re sorted.

West Virginia University

Although West Virginia University offers students an awesome on-campus party scene, it doesn’t come close to the nightlife the High Street has to offer. This is the main strip within the college district and features a whole host of bars and nightclubs that offer ridiculously cheap drinks that won’t damage your struggling bank account. The brothers and sisters of the Greek organizations also throw incredible parties but keep their party secrets to themselves at risk of being kicked out. That must mean it’s good.

Looking for the best party schools in the US? Look no further…