Cool pajamas you won’t be embarrassed to wear in college dorms

New college, new dorm, new pajamas, new you. If you’re heading off to college or just gearing up for another semester at school, you’re probably also preparing yourself for life in a dorm. Making this move can be a little strange at first, but you soon realize that living in a college dorm is like a constant sleepover with your friends where you get to wear pajamas all day, every day. Of course, there’s a little bit of stress thrown in here and there, but you can take your mind off that by buying cool dorm-appropriate pajamas.

Short but sweet

Without your mom to turn up or down the thermostat, college dorms can get pretty hot and cold pretty quickly. Because of this, you might want to think about adding some shorts into your pajamas party. Pajamas often come in sets that include shorts, and what could be cuter than shorts with a collared short-sleeve pajama shirt on top? This way, you can still stay warm and cozy under your comforter, but you can also get your legs out just in case it gets a little too hot under the covers.

Cool pajamas you won’t be embarrassed to wear in college dorms

Making a statement

If you’re not the kind of person that loves to abide by the rules of pajamas, then we don’t blame you. There are some people in this world who just love to throw some comfortable clothes together and call them pajamas without having to head to the sleeping section in the store. If you’re one of those people, then it might be time to make a statement. Sleepwear looks super cool when you get to make a statement, and this is easily done. Simply find yourself a statement tee that will get people talking, and team this with some shorts, some long pants, or even just buy it oversized and wear it as a nightgown!

All about the romper

Rompers are the most comfortable things in existence, right? They’re the perfect item of clothing to wear whether you’re heading to the grocery store, making your way to class, or going to sleep. Yes, adorable rompers make the perfect sleeping companion, and they’re the kind of pajamas that you could easily walk to the bathroom in. You don’t need to worry about covering up. You don’t need to worry about getting your shirt caught in your underwear, and you don’t need to worry about looking like a slob. After all, rompers are super stylish.

Cool pajamas you won’t be embarrassed to wear in college dorms

What a flannel

Just as you never know whether your dorm room is going to be too hot, you also never know when it’s too cold. So, it’s time to invest in some flannel pajamas. This material is perfect for the colder months, and they also just seem to get you in the mood for the holiday season! Aside from the hot cocoa and the twinkling lights, the holiday season also means a break from your studies, and what could be better than that? These pajamas will also look super cute when you’re FaceTiming your friends and family back home. In fact, you could even buy matching pajamas with your besties across the country so you can stay connected!

If you’re gearing up to go to college and need to buy some pajamas, then these are the coolest ones on the block. You can thank us later.