Creative ways to stay calm during exams

It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, how well you do in all of your college papers, or how confident you think you are, there’s always one thing that gets to people during their education. Exams. Even someone who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves anxious may find that exam pressure becomes too much and all of a sudden they cannot cope with it all. If you’re finding it hard to stay calm during your exams, here are some creative ways to ease the anxiety.


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! A lot of people think that meditation is something reserved for hippies and Buddhist monks, but this isn’t the case at all. Meditation and mindfulness is the perfect way to bring some calm into your life, no matter what stresses you may be facing. If you have never meditated before, then you can find plenty of YouTube videos and phone apps that will help you get started. A lot of meditation is focused on breathing deeply and focusing on this breaths, as well as clearing your mind. This is a proven way to help relieve anxiety and so will be perfect for staying calm during exams. If you give yourself enough time to learn the different meditation techniques beforehand, you’ll be able to bring some of those into the exam with you.

Good luck charms

This may seem like something you younger sibling would do, but hear us out. If you have an item you think is lucky for you (from a teddy bear to a pair of socks), then bring it with you to the exam. The connotations you hold about this lucky charm, whatever it might be, can help you feel more confident and relaxed during your exam. You can also extend this to just ensuring everything in your exam is something you feel comfortable using – for example, your favorite pens, pencils, and equipment. As long as you’re allowed to bring in your own things, of course.

Talk to yourself

Look, we said these were creative ways to stay calm so don’t judge us, okay?! Seriously though, giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror may be exactly what you need to rid yourself of any anxieties you may be facing. Write down a couple of confidence-boosting phrases that you can repeat to yourself in the mirror before your exam. Something like, “I can do this. I have done my studying. I am calm. I am confident. I am in the zone.” Whatever works for you! If you feel any self-doubt building up during your exam, then say these in your head as you try to calm yourself down.

Eat and drink right

If you consume a whole load of caffeine before your exam, then you’re going to feel jittery, end of story. If you want to feel calm and collected during your exam, then make sure you eat and drink right beforehand. This means not going out and going cray the night before, not eating lots of sugary foods before, and cutting down on the energy drinks. Instead, fill yourself with brain-boosting foods such as eggs, bananas, leafy greens, and peanut butter (it works, seriously).

Staying calm during exams is essential if you want to have the best chance of passing them. Follow these creative tips, relax, and they should be a breeze. And remember, it’s totally normal to feel anxious before an exam, so don’t beat yourself up about it!