Creative ways to stay in touch with your family

For those with a sentimental heart, one major downfall of college can be the homesickness taking over when you’re feeling down and lonely. No matter how much fun you try and have at a party, the feeling of missing home can be all too real – all you want to do is feel the comfort of your own bed or hear the voice of an absent friend.

If this sorrowful moping sounds like something you’d do, or even something you’re doing right now, then listen up. Things aren’t so bad. It’s time to get creative with the way you’re keeping in contact with your loved ones. Here’s some great, fun ways to stay in touch.


Invite each other to games

The good thing with smartphones is that there’s endless social apps for you to download. We could suggest using Snapchat or Viber, but we feel your needs have gone far beyond that. Instead, how about keeping in contact by downloading a game app for you to play each other. There’s a huge selection of games for you to browse – from puzzles to races – so choose wisely. Many of these will have separate chat boxes for you to catch up on, too.

Send fun videos

If you’re struggling with homesickness right now, then think about how sad you’d feel if you lived just 20 years ago? Video calling didn’t exist. What would you do without being able to press a button only for your friend’s face to pop up and say hello? If even FaceTime doesn’t make you feel better, perhaps it’s time to take a step back. How about instead of video calling, make it part of your day to create and send over a personal video? It can be a much more heartfelt and satisfying way to keep in touch than your bog-standard catch up over the phone.

Make a collaborative playlist

Music has that ability to instantly take us back to memories we hadn’t thought of in a while. Whether it’s a sad memory or a happy memory, listening to a song that reminds you of a friend or family member can give you that warm fuzzy feeling you need when you’re feeling homesick. So, how about setting up a collaborative playlist for you to share? You can add new songs or artists whenever you like to give them a daily reminder of how much you love them.


Go back to the old-fashioned way

Who remembers the days of having a pen pal? No? Nobody? Didn’t think so. Well, however old-fashioned it may be these days to even own a pen and paper, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It can be greatly rewarding to send a handwritten letter once in a while. Some things can only be said when they’re written down, so if you’re feeling super sentimental, why not send a heartfelt letter in the post? Whether 5 pages or just 5 lines, writing to a pen pal is a special and unique way to keep in contact.

Are we done being all lovey-dovey yet? Because however hard it may be to live far away from home, it’s important you keep in touch with them in ways that keep you fulfilled. No more boring text messages. These few ways of staying in touch that we’ve mentioned can be all you need to ease the symptoms of your homesickness. Now smile. You’ll be back with them soon.