How to cut back on spending while you’re in school

While heading to college might be an exciting time, it can also come with a host of new issues to overcome. One of the largest? Learning how to budget your money, believe it or not, but there are actually plenty of ways to cut back on spending while you’re in school.

Rent textbooks

The start of every college year usually comes with a long list of books that you need for your class. Thankfully, most of the time, nothing changes from the year before. Campuses typically come with a library or a secondhand bookstore where you can rent books or buy them for much cheaper.

How to cut back on spending while you’re in school

Use your discount

Being a student might come with a huge list of ties, but there are also plenty of perks with the title, too. One of the best things about studying at college means that you can enjoy using your discount on all kinds of things. From food to clothes and even nights out on the town; it’s time to rock that student discount while you’ve got it.

Plan your meals

Grocery shopping can be an easy way to let things slip and spend a few extra dollars. After all, those candy bars and bags of chips can look a little more appetizing when you’re slowly wandering the aisles. Planning your meals is one way to make sure you don’t accidentally spend more than your budget.

Use campus facilities

There is a good reason you chose your college, so why not use everything that it has to offer? This could be anything from the common areas, the gym, or the after-class activities. Signing up to a club or team can be a free way to pass the time and make some new friends without spending any money.

Skip the coffee

That coffee from the store might sound like an excellent idea, but think of how much extra money you could be spending every week! Sure, it might seem like a few dollars at a time, but they all add up. Stocking up on coffee for your dorm can help to cut down your caffeine bill.

Think thrifty

Thrift stores are filled with all kinds of hidden wonders just waiting to be found. It turns out that many people hand over designer threads they no longer need, and it might not be long before you have a whole new wardrobe without having to fork over the price tags to match.

How to cut back on spending while you’re in school

Buy in bulk

Non-perishables are great – as long as you have the room to store them. The likes of coffee, paper towels, and toiletries are often cheaper if you buy them in bulk. If you have the money to spend at once, then it might be time to make a larger investment to save money in the long run.

Track your spending

Want to know where all of your money goes each week? Then start tracking your spending! If you love a project, then it could be time to put your artistic skills to the test and make your own tracker. If you prefer to use your phone, then there are several apps that can track what you spend to help see where you need to cut back.

Being a student doesn’t mean that you have to have no money. In fact, there are many ways to cut back on spending while you’re in school to make sure you have plenty left over for those weekend plans.