What dorm life is really like

One of the things that a lot of prospective students get excited about when it comes to college is dorm life. You see so much of it on TV and in films, and it always looks amazing. However, what you see on a screen is rarely ever reflective of real life. For that reason, many college freshmen get incredibly nervous before they move into their dorm. This is where they’re going to be living for at least the next year of their lives, so if they don’t like it, they’re pretty much screwed. Thankfully, dorm life isn’t as daunting as it might seem.

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Friendship is everything

When you live in a dorm, you’re constantly surrounded by other students. This might be a massive shock to the system, especially if you’ve grown up as an only child. However, more often than not, it proves to be hugely beneficial to college freshman. The main reason for this is that everyone is in the same boat. They’re all leaving their families for the first time and moving into a scary new place filled with strangers. It’s amazing how quickly this leads people to bond and become close friends.

Obviously, not everyone will get along, and there’s a chance you may not like some of your dorm buddies. However, there’s strength in numbers. With so many other freshmen around you, it’s likely you’ll find at least one friend.

The road to independence

For students who haven’t had to be independent before, the dorm system is a great way to prepare them for adult life. While freshman don’t have their parents around to do all their cooking and cleaning anymore, the college staff are there to provide assistance. A lot of dorms will have cleaners who keep things like your kitchen in tip-top shape, so you don’t have to. It takes away some of the pressure of being responsible, meaning you’re not thrown in at the deep-end when you leave home.

What’s also great about this is the fact it leaves you more time to focus on your studies and socialize with dorm buddies. College is stressful enough without having to worry about being independent.

Sharing is a nightmare

Of course, as amazing as college dorms are, they aren’t without their issues. In particular, the need to share things can really drive you crazy. Whoever said there’s such a thing as having too many chefs in the kitchen probably lived in a college dorm when they were younger. It can be a nightmare to navigate around other people, especially if all of your eating schedules line up. Luckily, if you all have similar tastes in food, you can save yourself time, effort, and arguments by cooking for each other.

It’s not just the kitchen that’s a nightmare to share. If you’re not lucky enough to have an en-suite in your room, you’ll have to cope with timing your restroom needs with your fellow dorm buddies. That’s as annoying as it sounds, especially if you all decide you want to use the toilet at the same time!

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No-one’s college dorm experience is perfect, no matter how much you get along with your fellow students. However, as long as you make an effort to be a good housemate, you’ll probably make memories from your dorm that you treasure forever.