Easy to make food in your university dorm

Living in a dorm can be fun and exciting – and it can throw a few unexpected wrenches into the work. Some university dorms are lucky enough to have a delicious cafeteria, but what about if you want to save some money or want more options? That’s where easy to make food in your university dorm comes into play.

Mac and cheese in a mug

Sometimes, we all need a little mac and cheese in a mug. If you’re craving the real stuff, then all you need is a mug and some ingredients. Take a large mug and place in the macaroni and some water. Microwave for around three to four minutes until the pasta is cooked. Then, pour away the excess water before you cover with milk and cheese for one final round in the microwave.

Easy to make food in your university dorm

Microwaved eggs

Some of us long for eggs to start the day. If that sounds familiar, then we might have an answer, all you need to do is break a few eggs into a microwaveable bowl, add in some seasoning and a splash of milk, and whisk them together. Simply put them in the microwave for a few minutes and break them up with a fork once they are cooked through.

Vegetarian burrito bowls

There are so many pre-cooked rice pouches on the market that we are often spoiled for choice. One of these mixed with some canned black beans is a great base. They can both be mixed into a bowl and placed in the microwave before you top your meal with avocado, cheese, and sour cream.

Tuna salad

Not every meal needs to be filled with complicated recipes. In fact, tuna salad couldn’t get much more simple. Merely take some lettuce leaves, top with tuna and mayonnaise, and chop up any spare vegetables you have lying around for this crunchy meal that’s packed full of goodness. If you want to make it a little different, then giant lettuce leaves act as the perfect salad bowl.

Mason jar salads

We don’t always have time to make huge meals. Thankfully, mason jars are to the rescue. You can fill your jar with just about whatever you like, depending on how you feel at the time. Olives, tomatoes, grilled chicken, sweetcorn, lettuce – the possibilities are endless with a mason jar salad! The best bit? They are so small and simple to store and carry, too.

Kale chips

Believe it or not, but all you need to make your own kale chips is some shredded kale, a little olive oil, and some seasoning. Mix all your ingredients together in a microwaveable bowl before you place it in the microwave for a few minutes until they are nice and crispy.

Easy to make food in your university dorm

Chocolate mug cake

Thankfully, there are so many recipes for chocolate mug cakes out there on the internet. They usually only use a few simple ingredients, such as oil, cocoa powder, sugar, and flour, and can all be made – and eaten – in a mug. Your sweet tooth can thank us later.

Heading off to college and starting the next stage of our lives can be an exciting time for many. However, it can also see all new challenged. Thankfully, learning how to make food in your university dorm no longer has to be one of them thanks to a handful of simple recipes.