Everyday gear for college students

Traveling to and from campus every day is a big part of the college rite of passage. We aren’t all lucky enough to get a dorm on campus, and, even when we are this only applies when we are freshmen. So, have a think about your early morning commute, and what it entails on a regular basis. There are bound to be quite a few things you need to take with you to campus each day, and more besides depending on the weather.

That means you’re going to need some decent carry gear as a student. It’s important to be able to keep all your important bits and pieces in one place, and that means choosing the perfect gear for the job. The problem is that this can sometimes be a bit tricky to get right, so you need to consult a list of options and narrow things down a bit. These are some of the essential carry items every good college student should have in their backpack.

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Make that walk to campus much more bearable by listening to some epic tunes to help you get your day off to a great start. You might have the ideal playlist to whack on each morning when heading to campus, but you need to experience it properly, and that means having the right headphones. So, you need to hunt around and find a great buy – we recommend going for the noise canceling variety as well. Those hikes to campus can be monotonous, and, with noise canceling headphones you can completely immerse yourself in the music, making your journey much more exciting.

Portable charger

These days so many people basically run their lives via smartphones. Just think about how important your phone is for your college life. You’ve got your schedule saved on there, your lecturer’s email addresses, not to mention important pages of research saved in your bookmarks. You might even have plotted a route to campus, along with information about the local area. If your battery dies midway through the day that could wind up being a catastrophe, so a portable charger is hugely important for helping keep your device juiced up. Keep this in your backpack, so you take it everywhere with you, trust us, it will prove invaluable.


If you haven’t already got one of these that probably means you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years! But, on the off chance that you are currently a student without a smartphone, make sure you get one as soon as you can. It might seem like a frivolous expense, but, trust us, there are few things more important. A smartphone can be an absolute lifesaver when you are a student, and you can basically use it to control your life – in the best possible way.

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These are just a few of the awesome essentials that you should be packing with you and taking to campus on a daily basis. They are crucial pieces of gear that every student needs to help make their lives better. We think that you absolutely need to have at least these three things to make your life as a student better and less stressful.