Find a college roommate that works for you

College is a milestone for any young student. It’s a rite of passage – a stepping stone to a higher education and an experience like no other. As well as, you know, doing that whole learning part of college, it’s also essential that you have the best time possible. This means finding the best possible roommate for you to share your dorm with.

A happy room for you to live in means a happy mind for you learn with, meaning a happy you for getting them top grades you deserve. It’s always tricky to find the ‘perfect’ roommate, so here are some tips on how to approach it in the best way possible.


Make a criteria list

Everyone’s different – different interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, habits – so if you are a person with particular needs, then why not make a list of specific traits you want in a roommate. Clean and tidy? Into football? Quiet when they need to be? That kind of thing.

Start with friends

Living with someone you know is always a good way to start – as you miss out all the awkward bits because you already know them. If you are looking to live comfortably straight away, then maybe it’s best to join up with a friend you already have as you already know their personality.

Search online

Nowadays, there’s plenty of online spaces for you to search for the ‘perfect roommate. Sites like RoomSurf allow you to make a profile, take a test and search through potential candidates. Also, there’s the Roomie app – the Tinder of the roommate world where you can swipe left and right – no joke this also has a randomize button. Why not leave your search up to chance? Are you feeling lucky?

Make the schedules meet

It’s always good to talk about everyone’s daily routine- sleeping pattern, time tables, extra-curricular activities. Knowing this may make a difference in how satisfied you are – on the one hand, you might want a roommate where your spare time matches up meaning more time to hang out or work together. On the other hand, you might want a roommate where you get to have the apartment to yourself for a while.

Trust is key

Sharing your room with someone is a big move in terms of privacy matters, so it’s always best to communicate well with the potential mate before you make the big decision. It’s also good to know they are going to pay their rent on time and are financially stable enough to keep up the payments.


Go in open minded

Although it’s great to have the ideal person in your mind in terms of – interests, cleanliness, hobbies – it’s also not a bad idea to be totally open-minded and flexible about the situation. If down the line it isn’t working for you, then worse comes to worst you can either make ends meet or even can try to find another roommate.

It can be a stressful time thinking about how to find the best roommate for you. It’s often considered it can make or break your college experience, but we don’t agree with that all. If you go in with a positive attitude and a head-screwed on, the chances are you will be just fine whoever you end up with. Make it work for you! It’s your time to shine.