Great majors to choose for medical school

So, you’ve finally made the decision, you’re off to Med School. You’ve done it, so yay for you! Now, when you’re looking to study medicine, you need to consider what majors you’re going to choose. Most people would imagine that taking a major related to medicine is a must, right? Wrong. There are actually plenty of majors that you will have the opportunity to take while you’re in medical school.

The classes in medical school are their own class, so you’ll be studying the likes of biology and biochemistry already. That frees you up to be able to take a different kind of major, and get some additional training and education. Here are some majors that will help get you into med school that aren’t biology:


You’re likely to be earning a fair amount of money when you finally become a working doctor. So, what better major to couple that with than one that will help you keep on top of your financial situation? Economics will help you to understand the financial state of the country, as well as understanding how to better manage your money. Economics is going to be one of the most useful and important majors you’re likely to study, so you should choose it as your med school major.

Great majors for medical school


History has always been one of the most interesting subjects in academia, and, from a medical perspective, it’s fascinating to note the evolution of medicine and treatment. If you want some interesting and well-taught classes, history is definitely the subject for you. Another great thing about choosing history is that it gives an important respite from all that medical jargon. Many medical students choose history as the perfect counterpoint to the medical classes they are taking.


Who doesn’t love a bit of English? Shakespeare, Austen, Salinger. There are so many classical texts you should be studying and taking apart, and this is some of the best studying you can do. There are loads of elements to studying English as a major and is very useful for mastering language and syntax. These can come in much more useful than you might have thought as a medical student. Of course, it’s possible to love Shakespeare and medicine in equal measure, and enjoying something creative is a great way to dilute the analytical nature of medicine.


Math and science go almost hand in hand these days, so this is an absolutely vital major for you to take. There are so many benefits to nailing math, and taking it alongside medicine will help to make you a better student, and a better doctor. Many science and medical classes require some level of mathematical ability, so this major will actually give you a huge advantage over those who haven’t taken math.

Great majors for medical school

Check these out as some of the best majors you can opt to do that are not biology. These are perfect majors to take alongside the medical classes you’ll be taking in med school. So, you need to make sure you consider something that’s going to hold your interest, and we fancy these courses to whet your appetite.