The most interesting clubs and activities to get involved in during college

Did anyone else apply to college because Hollywood taught us it was a non-stop party? It’s true, many people have unrealistic expectations about going to college thanks to movies and television shows.

The reality of college is pretty different to the likes of Bring It On and American Pie, and it actually requires a huge amount of work. You constantly have to be on top of your academic game, you have to pretend to like your roommate for a whole year, and you have to make sure you have time to actually have a life. Thankfully, most colleges have a selection of clubs and activities that will give you a break from studying while also looking great on your resume…

The most interesting clubs and activities to get involved in during college

The college newspaper

If you want to be the next Rory Gilmore, there’s a high chance that working for your college newspaper would be a dream come true. This not only gives you the chance to expand your writing and dish the dirt on topics you feel passionate about, but it will also help your ability to keep to deadlines. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll meet awesome people from across the campus, many of whom you might not have met if it weren’t for the newspaper.

Fraternities and sororities

This is probably more like it, right? Fraternities and sororities are infamous when it comes to college life, and they are known for their epic parties and their huge houses. These groups become family over the course of their college career, and many students claim that their sisters and brothers helped them get through some of the toughest days. Being part of a fraternity or sorority can also work in your favor, as some of the most prestigious groups in colleges across the country are admired by employers.

The most interesting clubs and activities to get involved in during college

The National Model United Nations

If you’re serious about your college experience, you’re probably looking for any opportunity to prove that you’re the best of the best. With millions of students graduating each year and applying for the same jobs, you need to stand out from the crowd. Becoming part of the National Model United Nations club can help you do just that. You can discuss and debate pressing matters around the world, and take part in critical thinking, speech writing, and public speaking. These are all traits that will improve your confidence, your intelligence, and your desirability.

Intramural sports

Each year, countless students across the country make their way to college on sports scholarships. Because of this, it’s a given that they will make their way onto the football team, the basketball team, the hockey team, or another of the many intramural sports. However, spaces on these teams are not limited to those who have earned a scholarship. Anyone can sign up to play college sport, but you do need to make your way through the tryout process before you can wear the jersey.

College life isn’t all about studying and partying the night away. Why not get involved in some other clubs and activities? It’ll add a brand new dimension to your college experience.