Interesting and unconventional college summer jobs

Summer is coming and the time is fast approaching to consider a summer job. Summer jobs are a great way to earn some extra money while also gaining some work experience. They are also great time fillers and a great way of getting to know new people. Choosing a summer job requires great consideration in terms of your personal skills and interests as well as what experiences there are to be gained. Here are some great conventional but also unusual jobs to fill out the summer.

Retail and food industry

The first job that comes to mind to anyone who thinks of working while going to college is food service or retail employee. The hours are quite grueling, but it’s a great opportunity to brush up on people skills and sales experience. These jobs may also come with free meals and discounts at the employing store. The hourly wage is not usually high in these fields, but there is the opportunity to earn commission or gratuity. These jobs are also great to add to the résumé because they show future employees that you’ve worked in entry-level positions and are willing to work very hard.

Interesting and unconventional college summer jobs


This is a great field for students who have an interest in working with children. There’s a massive market for au-pairs and nannies during the summer because of the parents who need someone to take care of their children. Au-pairing can be one of the more exciting jobs because the day is filled with fun activities to do with the children. It also gives the opportunity to travel overseas if you find the right employer, or to return to your hometown and see your family and friends if you au-pair there.

Camp counselor

Similarly to being a nanny, being a camp counselor is also ideal for anyone who enjoys working with kids. It’s also a very open market during the summertime as many children go camping. It can be quite a relaxing job if you enjoy the outdoors and need a break from the city. And since there are camps that focus on specific interests, such as space camp, it can be a very unique experience.


For those who enjoy being near the water and in the sun all day, being a lifeguard is a perfect summer job. Naturally, it requires a strong swimming ability though. This job is also perfect for people who want to keep fit during the holidays and those who want to work on their tan. Becoming a lifeguard may require certain qualifications, which is also great for extending the old résumé.

Interesting and unconventional college summer jobs


If you have a passion for technology and writing, then blogging is a great way to fill up your summer vacation. It’s a very broad field that includes subjects like travel, music, and even food, so it also comes with a wealth of experiences. Blogging is an ideal way to make money for those who are interested in writing.

Freelancing and online work

There are many freelancing jobs available, ranging from web design to tutoring and even graphic design. Turning your interests and studies into cash is a really helpful way to boost your skills in the field and gain some experience. Freelance jobs also tend to be less rigid, which allows more time to relax during the holidays. There’s also the opportunity of starting your own freelance business during the summer.