Jobs you can do from your dorm room

Whenever university students return to campus at the start of the school year, many have to leave their summer jobs. Many students will try to find jobs on the campus in order to grow the money they made during the summer. But for those who want to make money but do not want to work on the campus, working from the comfort of their dorm room may be perfect. These flexible remote hours allow you to continue to make studying the top priority while still making money. Here are some good jobs you can do from your dorm.

Freelance writing

Independent business owners are always looking for content to add to their websites. You can even write blogs about topics that interest you. All you need to do is find business owners who are looking for content for their sites. You may have to start working for less than others in order to gain experience and reputation, but once you get started, you will likely be able to get a higher paid job.

Freelance writing

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most exciting opportunities to make money online is in commission marketing. Commission marketing is where you shop for a product and receive a commission when someone buys the product as a result of your marketing efforts. Success in affiliate marketing requires a great deal of knowledge. It’s not as simple as putting an ad on the web and expecting funds to start flowing into your bank account. Instead, you need to know how to create web content that generates sales, where to publish that content, and how to direct targeted traffic to that content.

Data entry

Many companies are outsourcing their data in order to keep costs down. You can receive data that needs to be entered via email, and then you will be given access to the database in which to enter it. You will simply need to take the information sent to you and enter it into the database. These jobs are paid either by project or by the hour by the company.

Jobs you can do from your dorm room

Online education and help with homework

If you are skilled in a subject such as math, physics, economics, or any other general course, it may be useful to become an online teacher. You can earn some extra income just by helping other students, and you can have fun while doing it. There are a variety of websites where you can offer your services. One of these sites is, a website where students can pose specific questions or problems they may encounter and you can respond to them for a fee. If you have a lot of experience in a particular topic, it may be easy to earn a little extra money once you answer other students’ questions.


Transcription includes taking an audio or video recording and writing it out. Many doctors, lawyers and other professionals need this service because they do not have time to convert their recordings into texts. You will receive audio files via email or mail, and then you must type them. You can send the text file back via email, making it ideal for a college student working in their dorm room.

College is expensive, what with textbooks, tuition fees and student loans, so you are likely to owe quite a bit after graduation. So, why not get to work from the comfort of your dorm in order to help offset these costs.