Why joining a sorority can land you a job

It might seem strange now, since joining a sorority seems almost synonymous with partying and drinking. However, it can also be a smart life choice. Experiencing Greek life at college is probably one of the most exciting prospects for some people, but it can also be a proactive decision when it comes to your future career.

Various career experts have taken a look at how joining a sorority can actually improve prospects for graduates in the future, and it’s surprisingly considerable. Anyone who has already experienced a sorority knows the skill and intensity that comes with being accepted, with many of those skills being transferable to a future career.

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You will be skilled in interviews

Rushing a sorority involves the same, if not similar, skills when it comes to interviews. In many ways, you’re striving to make yourself stand out through any appropriate means necessary. It becomes evident that you’re not likely going to wing your sorority rush, chances are you’re going to think about what you’re going to say first, come up with conversation points and questions that will make yourself look appealing and desirable. A sorority will want to know what you can bring to the fold, just like a future career will.

You’ll be great at time management

On top of working your schedule around your college work, friends, family, and any other duties, you will also have to work around your sorority and events. Once you’re in, you’ll be attending other rush events and helping recruit for the sorority. What employer isn’t going to be impressed with that kind of experience? With a few more years of experience, you’ll be a natural pro at managing your time and ready for whatever your job throws at you.

Looking the part

So many people go to interviews, and even their jobs, wearing the wrong thing. You won’t need to worry about dress codes, because you will already be prepared. Sororities will typically have a dress code you will need to follow for events, especially rush events. Many require you to look modest and polished. You can still maintain your individuality while keeping it sharp and stylish, the intention is to impress. Naturally, this all carries over well when it comes to job interviews.

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Networking skills will be a breeze

By joining or pledging to a sorority, you will be joining a group of likeminded people indulging in similar ideas. However, by joining, you also enter an institution that has gone back years, allowing you to relate to millions of other people who also joined a sorority or even a fraternity. By joining a sorority, you will have no choice but to network, it’s kind of what they do, and it will prepare you for the business world and any sector that requires good connections and communication skills. Connections work both ways, but knowing the right person can go a long way, they could get you in touch with someone else who could help you out and so on.

You will be able to make quick decisions

Whether you’re the one rushing to join, or helping to interview a prospective sorority sister, you will learn how to make quick decisions. It’s part of the process, whether you’re figuring out which sorority you wish to join or whether you think a new recruit is going to be good enough. It can be a harsh process, but it’s no easier if you’re doing it within your career.

Joining a sorority can be a positive choice for your future, it can be tough, but well worth it in the future.