Why living in the dorms is a crucial part of the “college experience”

So, you’ve sent off your application, you’ve been accepted (hollaaaaaaa!) and you’re choosing your housing options for your first year of college. *Gulp*. Of course, you could choose to save your money and live at home, or you could even choose to avoid people altogether and live by yourself in your own apartment, but where’s the fun in that? We’re always hearing of the phrase, “college experience” and living in a dorm is a huuuuuge part of that experience. Don’t believe us? Well, check out these reasons why you should tick the ‘yes’ box on your dorm application form…

You get to roll out of bed and into class

Although we know that college is all about passing your classes, getting your degree and all that other important stuff, the college experience is also about being super tired all of the time, and not having to worry about being too much of an adult. Living in a college dorm means that you can literally roll out of bed in the morning and into class without having to worry about catching a bus, riding the subway, or even cycling 5 miles to your ‘Intro to Psych’ class. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s oh so comfortable.

Why living in the dorms is a crucial part of the “college experience”

You experience college atmosphere

If you live off campus in your own housing, you will probably leave your class, make yourself dinner, and assume that college life simply turns off as the sun sets – but that’s just not the case. College campuses come alive in the evening with bustling fraternity parties, drinks on the quad, or just new friends hanging out in the corridor of their dorm. If you’re taking yourself back off to your own place, you’re going to miss all of that. Instead, choose to live on campus in the dorms and have the college atmosphere right on your doorstep. Or should we say ‘dormstep.’ Sorry.

You get to make new friends

Let’s be honest, college wouldn’t be college without making new friends from across the country and becoming besties for the restie. Living in a dorm is one of the best ways to make these friends – even if you don’t click with your roommate. You can get to know all of the people in your dorm and decide from there who will get the pleasure of hanging out with you. If you don’t live in a dorm, you only have the people in your classes to choose from – which will be slim pickings.

You get to be independent

Although there’s no shame in living at home during your college experience, it won’t be the same experience those who live in dorms are going to have. Instead of being independent and doing whatever the heck you want whenever the heck you want, you will have your parents to answer to. This means no late nights, no skipping class (which you need to do at least once), no leaving your dirty laundry on your bed for a week, and no eating pizza for breakfast. You’re restricted, and you definitely shouldn’t be restricted during your time at college.

Why living in the dorms is a crucial part of the “college experience”

You always have a study partner

Having so many people around you in your dorm means that you will always have a study partner. It may be that you simply sit in silence as you both get on with your work or it might be that you create a song and dance to remember all of the info, but you have this college addition just beyond your door – which you wouldn’t have if you lived off-campus on your own. In reality, this could be the difference between you acing your test, or just passing like everyone else. What would you rather?

Are you torn between living in a college dorm and living on your own? Well, if you want our advice, there should be no question about it. College dorms all the way!