Living off-campus doesn’t mean you’re missing out on everything

Every high school graduate dreams of going to the college of their choice and moving into college dorms. If movies are anything to go by, living in a college dorm is the only way to truly gain the college experience right? Not necessarily. In fact, despite what you’ve been told, you’ll find that living off-campus does not exclude you from campus activities.

Living off-campus doesn’t mean you’re missing out on everything

But what about campus parties?

Campus parties can be the highlight of your social life at college. Mixing with people from all walks of life while dancing to your favorite tunes until the early hours sounds like a dream come true. But what if you live off-campus? Won’t you be missing out on all of this? The answer is no, of course not. College parties are open to everyone so just because you don’t live on campus, it doesn’t mean you can’t still attend all the popping parties. Plus, living off-campus means that if you do feel like getting an early night or want to spend extra time studying, you can do so without the distraction of the party in the dorm room next door.   

How will you socialize with all your friends?

You may be concerned that by living off-campus you won’t be able to make new friends or socialize with everyone. But this is certainly not the case. Most socializing at college takes place during lunch breaks or in the afternoons when you’re at college anyways. So even though you may not be sleeping there, you still have plenty of time to spend with your mates, hanging out on the grass over lunch, or just chilling at the local campus coffee shop.

Online communities

Many colleges have online forums and groups that allow you to connect with people wherever you are. So when you’re sitting at home you can still be a part of the college social experience. And let’s not forget social media which allows you to see and experience the happenings and goings-on from the comfort of your living room. 

There is life outside college too

If you feel like going out to the movies or maybe even a bowling alley with your friends, and you live off-campus, chances are it’s as simple as getting into your car or catching a bus. People who live on campus usually don’t have that freedom. For them, going out and doing their own thing can be time-consuming, arduous, and almost impossible. Often, those who live on campus have left their old neighborhoods, friends, and families behind, whereas living off-campus means you can make new friends whilst still spending time with your original friends. 

Living off-campus doesn’t mean you’re missing out on everything

At the end of the day, you will be missing out on some things

You will be missing out on many things if you choose to live off-campus as opposed to on campus. Some of those include:

  • Sharing a bathroom with hundreds of other people, many of whom seem to have no concept of personal space.
  • Having ramen and 3-day old pizza heated up over a steam iron every night for dinner
  • Having no sleep due to the deafening music from next door coupled with your roommate’s raucous snoring.
  • The massive bill for accommodation added to your already large student debt

So honestly, it’s alright to miss out on some of the things that living on campus brings.