How to make the most of dorm food

Most students shy away at the thought of eating dorm food. College is a time in your like when you’re probably broke, which is why we end up living off of frozen food and noodles. Believe it or not, there’s a whole world of dorm food out there, and it doesn’t have to be awful; in fact, it can be rather excellent. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of dorm food.

How to make the most of dorm food

Make use of that microwave

You might find this to be an obvious one, but there’s so much more you can do with a microwave that we can guarantee you’re not doing right now. You can make anything from an omelet, risotto, and even quesadilla. Yeah, you read that right, a whole world of delicious food right at the end of a microwave button. There are honestly hundreds of microwave recipes online that will help you to choose which kind of delicious you want to microwave tonight. Sure, it might not taste as good as if you did it in the pan or oven, but it sure beats a frozen meal any day.

Don’t be afraid to shop fresh

Now you know that there is a whole world of microwaving possibilities with minimal effort and maximal outcome, why not start shopping for fresh? If you head on down to a proper produce market or shop, then you’ll be finding those bargain prices too. Fresh food is cheaper and easier to cook than you think, and it’s so much better for you. Don’t be afraid to choose fresh over frozen and have a much more positive dorm food experience.

Get a student cookbook

Have you ever been stumped for what to have for dinner? So have we all. However, cookbooks are a fantastic way of having a variety of quick and easy recipes at your fingertips. Especially if they’re specifically designed for students. Sure, you can go on the internet and do a quick search, but sometimes it can be more frustrating trolling through internet pages for the perfect meal. Not to mention losing it forever once you’ve closed that tab. Why not just get a student recipe book to always have an inspiration of dishes there for you to see.

How to make the most of dorm food

Have a few signature recipes

If you really get to know what you fancy for meals, then you will be able to figure out what ingredients you need and make them super easily. Rather than worrying week in, week out, what you’re going to eat, take the stress away and decide on a few key meals you know you love. You don’t want to worry unnecessarily when you should be thinking about your assignments, so doing this takes the pressure away and keeps things simple.

Spice up your life

We could not say this enough times. Something students seem to forget is the existence of herbs and spices. Paprika for your chicken, rosemary for your potatoes, or just simple salt and pepper for practically everything. These are things that can completely transform a meal, so we would wholly recommend that you keep a few key herbs and spices you love so that you can add them to a quick meal. Who wants bland chicken and veggies anyway? Add some cumin or mint, you know you want to.

Dorm food doesn’t have to be boring or nasty, you just need to get a little bit experimental and make the most of what’s around you.