How to make friends on your freshman year

Reporting to college as a freshman always has someone wondering about the kind of friends they are going to make, and much more, what they seek to achieve from such friendships. This can be quite challenging in the first place especially if the college of your choice happens to be in unfamiliar State or even country and everyone looks completely strange.

However, despite how challenging trying to blend in with others and hopefully make friends may seem, there are quite a number of tips that if considered can help you make friends during the freshman year. Making those friendship-creating moves shouldn’t be therefore be hard at all. Making friends in college comes with a number of advantages and for that reason it is advisable to start bonding right away. So how do you go about making friends during the freshman year? Here are some helpful tips that come in handy when it comes to making friends during freshman year;

How to make friends on your freshman year

Be yourself and be nice altogether

A college is a place where you get to meet people with all personalities, so it is evident that you will meet some who share your interests. Being yourself will attract the right people but that will also depend with how nice you are towards others.

Get involved in the extra-curricular activities

Register yourself with various clubs that are of interest to you and that is how you will likely make friends during the clubs activities with others who have similar interests.

Take meals with others

Eating together with other people plays a big role in creating bonds and for that matter it is advisable to take advantage of such an opportunity and you may just make some good friends instantly.

Use you dorm experience opportunity to get know others better

In colleges, dorms create a good chance for one to make friends as you get to familiarize yourself with the environment. Dorms also allow the arrangement of events and parties aimed at getting freshmen familiarize with each other so it’s good not to miss out on that chance.

How to make friends on your freshman year

Attend all orientations

It is common for colleges to hold orientations for freshmen, and this is another great opportunity to bond with other freshmen and get to know them better which may as well lead to creation of lasting friendships throughout the college years.

Have something unique and interesting to offer

It is easier to attract people on your side if you happen to have something that stands out from the rest. It could be a hobby or a sport that you are very good at. Such uniqueness will enable some people to have a lasting impression regarding you, and also want to stick around for the rest of your college years.

Those are some of the tips, if considered, that can help you in your starting year in college when it comes to making friends, some of whom will probably stick around even after college depending on how strong your ties will be over the years.