How to make money during college

Juggling classes, hanging with your friends, and finding time to study. Although there are many aspects that come with life at college, there is one question that many students find themselves asking: how can you make money during college? After all, you need a way to pay for your new life, right?

Tutor others

It could be time to put your knowledge to good use. All you need to do is offer up your tutoring services and charge a small fee, and it might not be long before you have people lining up out the door. The best bit? You can tailor your new job to suit your class schedule.


Become a mover

Many moving companies love to hire college students at the weekend. This is because this is usually one of the busiest times for companies, and they need all hands on deck. The best bit? Clients might hand you a small bonus for your work, too.

Sign up as a tour guide

If you love your campus, then it could be time to become a campus tour guide. They show off the grounds and buildings to prospective students and their families all throughout the year. Plus, you’ll get to meet a bunch of new people along the way without having to leave the comfort of college.

Proofread and edit work

Many students find writing essays one of the toughest parts of being at college. It can be easy to hand in work with a few mistakes here and there. No longer do they have to worry with you by their side. You can fit proofreading and editing in around your schedule while earning money at the same time.

Start a blog

This might not be the easiest or quickest way to earn money, but starting a blog could see you gain a few dollars here and there in the background. It just takes a little hard work to make sure that it’s topped up with content and a subject to help you stand out from the crowd.

Become a transcriber

All you need to do is have a set of headphones or speakers and access to a computer. Plus, being a quick typer is always an advantage. Then, sit back and get typing as you transcribe any work that is sent your way.

Start dog walking

Let’s face it; many of us would love to spend all our free time surrounded by dogs, and now it looks as though you can! Dog walking insurance is usually relatively cheap, and walking other people’s pooches means you get to stay up and active, too.


Sell your craft

There are so many ways you can sell your crafts. It could be anything from making greetings cards to taking stock pictures. Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning could be your new way to make a little extra money during college.

Being in college is a fun time for many, but it can leave a lot of us longing to learn how to make money at the same time. Thankfully, it turns out that getting a part-time job isn’t the only way to earn some extra bucks. In fact, you might not even have to leave the campus before you see the extra money come flowing in. Whoever would have thought it?