Should you move off campus after freshman year?

Moving away from home and setting up camp on campus can be one of the most daunting (yet most exciting) times of your life. You leave your world behind for a brand new one, and you move into college dorms with people you’ve literally never met before. While some people become best friends with their roommates, there are other people who hate the dorm setup. So, what happens when freshman year comes to an end? Many students choose to move out of the comfort of their dorms and find an apartment off campus.

So what should you do? Do you stay on campus? Or do you move out? To answer those questions, you need to ask yourself a few more.

Should you move off campus after freshman year?

Do you like your independence?

As you say goodbye to your parents and start a new life at college, you also wave hello to your independence… For the first few minutes, at least. Most colleges offer shared dorms, which means you have to share your personal space with someone you have never met before. You are thrust into an environment that could go either of two ways. Either your flourish with new friends and traverse this new life with a brand new friend by your side, or you feel as though you are trapped within your own room. If you like your independence and can’t take this shared living situation any longer, it’s probably best that you move off campus and into your own place. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to move away from friends, but it does mean you at least get your own room.

Do you like the campus dining hall?

When you bag yourself a place at the college of your choice, you probably imagine a brand new life where you get to eat pizza for every single meal. However, after the first two weeks, you soon realize that you can get pretty sick of pizza. Living in campus accommodation means that you also have the choice of utilizing the campus dining hall. You can have someone else cook your food for you, and you know that a short walk over the quad will fill your stomachs. When you move off-campus, and into your own place, you don’t have this luxury. You have to cook your own food, you have to go grocery shopping, and it’s all down to you. Does this sound like something you can do?

Should you move off campus after freshman year?

Are you ready?

Although it’s easy to feel as though you’re an adult when you go to college, there are some people who progress quicker than others. College students may be the same age, but there are many who are much older than others and can take the responsibility of moving off-campus. After all, you will have to pay your own bills, you will have to clean every inch of the house, and you will have to sort out any issues you may have alongside your studies. Some people are ready for this, while there are others who would be better suited to staying on campus.

Should you move off campus after freshman year? The answer, really, is up to you.