What not to bring to college – college products you do not need

Going to college is a time to change the way we represent ourselves, but when we aren’t honest with ourselves we convince ourselves that we need things we really don’t. Is someone who never cooks going to go to college and become a home-chef? Probably not, so here’s some things that might seem necessary, but are really a waste of money.


If dorms are fitted with smoke alarms, that toaster definitely isn’t a great thing to take with. In fact, most appliances are supplied already. Perhaps for tea and ramen lovers, a kettle is a great idea, but buying a portable stove will be a waste of money. Microwaves are also a smart choice, but the washer/dryer is not. The key here is thinking small. Dorms have limited space and students have limited time, so small appliances made for convenience are a great idea whereas clunky home appliances are not. Not only are they a waste of space, but they are also fire-hazards – giving you fines from the dorm inspectors too. Check online for what you will need and don’t over-shop. Keep that money for new clothes or nights out.

What not to bring to college – college products you do not need

Too many decorations

Yes, there is such a thing as too many pillows and candles. We spoke about fires but over-decorating is a danger too! A cluttered space is stressful and leads to a cluttered mind. It’s easy to go overboard when there’s a new space to make personal and appealing, but hold off on too many posters. Start small and make the space slowly your own. Interests in college change so quickly that it’s also better to DIY anyways to avoid being the broke student. Print out posters instead of buying them or organizers are super easy to make too.

Heels, or any uncomfortable shoes

Trying a new look is also great during college but the campus is way bigger than it looks online. Parking is usually at least a mile from campus buildings and different modules mean walking long distances between venues. The resulting scuff marks on your favorite heels are also way more depressing than scuff marks on a throw away-pair of shoes. This makes uncomfortable shoes a no-no. Go for stylish but comfortable and save those heels for nights out, not day-to-day. The more expensive the shoe, sadly, the more likely it is to be stolen. So avoid sore, expensive shoes and opt for cheap and comfy.

What not to bring to college – college products you do not need

An ironing board

Okay, for this one be really honest. Most students roll out of bed and throw on sweatpants for the day and there’s a reason for that: sweatpants are easy, comfortable, and more stylish than pajamas. The go-to outfit of a t-shirt and jeans also requires no ironing either. This makes bringing a hefty iron and long ironing board redundant. Plus, there are great ways to de-wrinkle a shirt without an iron. A spray bottle with water, twenty minutes, and a hanger can do the trick. A hair-straightener is a great iron and even steam when showering can remove wrinkles. So, wave goodbye to the iron at home.

Most of all, don’t stress about the little things! College is an exciting new journey and anything you might need you can definitely get over time. Discovering how to cope with dorm life is a journey in itself, so take it one step at a time.