How to organize on-campus events

Your campus is your home for the next few years, and what goes on there can directly have an impact on you and those around you. Like in most campuses, there are people from various social backgrounds and diverse nationalities with different beliefs that fill the hallways. So if your campus has issues you want to tackle, or you simply want to organize an event to build morale and bring people together, then there are a few guidelines you should follow when planning an event.

How to organize on-campus events

What kind of event do you want?

The first step is to decide what kind of event you want to host. Think of what the purpose of this event is, and that will give you an indication of what might be more effective in achieving your goal. Bouncing off some ideas with a group of friends can be really helpful in reaching a decision. You could opt for a guest speaker, a performer of some kind, a film screening or maybe a workshop. You will need to do the necessary research into the cost involved as well so you can create a budget. Depending on the cost of the event, you might have to apply for a grant.

Decide on a date, time and location

This may seem like a simple step, but it can make or break your event. If your event is during spring break then you won’t get the turnout that you’d want. Also, check that there are no other events on the same day. Depending on the event it could be hosted in a lecture hall, the gymnasium, or in an outside area of the campus. Wherever that may be, you’d have to make sure that you get permission to use that space on your chosen date and time.

Discuss your ideas with your advisor

Once you have decided on an event and you’ve done all your research regarding costs and what you’ll need, then go speak to your advisor. They can help you put your event together and they’ll let you know if there’s any paperwork that needs to be completed and if so, which department should it be submitted to. They can also help you get the funding that you need to get your event off the ground.

How to organize on-campus events

Think of advertising ideas to promote your event

So you’ve picked an event, you have a date and a location, now it’s time to promote your event. Most students don’t really communicate via email, so pamphlets and flyers would be more effective. Social media is a fantastic way to get the information out there, especially among students. You could post it in your Facebook status, create a group or on Instagram and Twitter.

Getting feedback after the event

Once your event is over, find a way to get some feedback from your fellow students regarding your event. This way you’ll know if your event was a success or not, and it will help with any future events you may want to organize. A short survey a day or two after the event is a great tool to gather information. Don’t wait too long after the event though, otherwise the results won’t be as accurate.

A lot of planning and dedication goes into organizing an event on campus, so if done right, it can be an absolute success. Follow these steps and yours will be an event to remember.