How to pay out-of-state tuition without breaking the bank

Let’s be honest; we’re getting pretty bored of people telling us that “college is the best time of your life” because we know for a fact that they’re keeping some of the truth from us. Sneaky little liars. Sure, it’s the best time of your life, but it’s also the most expensive – especially if you attend a college that’s not exactly around the corner from your mom and dad. With everything from your college tuition fees, to your college dorm costs, to your daily meals (including your daily pizza delivery), everything soon racks up. Thankfully, there are a few ways to pay out-of-state tuition without breaking the bank.

See if you’re available for financial aid

Although colleges may seem as evil as the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because of how much they change (well, it’s true) it seems there is a side to them that actually WANTS college students to attend their university. Who’d have thought it? Because of this, many colleges offer financial aid to those that are eligible. Although you have to pay most of these loans back eventually, there is a chance you may even be able to receive grants and scholarships that are all yours, baby. Just speak to your college to check out their financial aid options.

Participate in a work-study program

Many colleges around the country pride themselves on their work-study program – and we’re not gonna knock them down for feeling proud of themselves! These programs work a little differently to people simply applying for jobs on their own back and working double shifts at the IHOP. Instead, these colleges help students to engage with the community and earn while they learn at the same time. What could be better than that, ey?

How to pay out-of-state tuition without breaking the bank

Apply for a student loan

Okay, some of you may be hissing at the screen right now, but applying for student loans isn’t as scary or intimidating as it may seem! If you’re not entirely sold on the process of student loans, it’s probably because you’ve been hit with various horror stories of students having to pay back double what they were owed in the first place – but that’s because they weren’t savvy with their searching. Finding a bank who offers low-interest rates on their student loans is one of the best ways to pay for your education, while also offering you an easy repayment method.

Commit to the military

This one isn’t for everyone – but there are some people who spend their whole lives dreaming of a career within the military. In which case, it’s perfect for you! Many Military Academies across the US offer discounted rates for college students who are ready and willing to commit to serving their country after they graduate. If you have always wanted to a Naval officer, this could be the perfect chance to obtain your Master’s Degree and getting your foot in the door for your chosen career. It’s two for the price of one!

Get close with your neighbors

If you only live next door to your college state of choice, it might be an idea to get close to your neighbors – because after all, neighbors help neighbors out! Many students in neighboring states have been able to negotiate their tuition fees because they are so close to home. While colleges don’t make a practice of this, it’s worth an ask!
Moving away from home and setting up shop in your out-of-state college of choice can be one of the most intense experiences of your life – and that’s before you start thinking about how much you already owe your college in fees and expenses. Luckily, there are numerous ways to pay out-of-state tuition without breaking the bank, and they’re not totally horrifying… we promise.