The most popular places to study (other than the library)

When it comes to studying, everyone is different. Some people prefer to immerse themselves in books at the library and camp out there for days. However, this method isn’t for everyone, and there will be plenty of students who can’t concentrate in the library. Luckily, if you’re one of those people, there are plenty of other places you can go to study which may work more in your favor.

Coffee shops

If the library is too quiet for you to study, maybe a coffee shop will be more up your alley. These places have become incredibly popular with students who consider their free wifi and quick access to coffee ideal for getting work done. As a result, the atmosphere in these places is typically ideal for studying – relaxed and chattery without being too loud. If you want to do a group session, or just want somewhere to work away from your house, this could work for you.


Book stores

Much like libraries and coffee shops, book stores aren’t generally that noisy. There’s something about being surrounded by all those books that convince people to turn the volume down. That makes these places ideal for squeezing in a study session while you’re out and about. In bigger book stores, you’ll often find lounge areas or even small cafés where you can sit down and get on with your work. Plus, whenever you require a break, you can always walk around and peruse the shelves for a while.

Empty classroom

Even though a library is supposed to be a place of silent work, it doesn’t always work out that way. People can’t help but talk sometimes, and that chatter can be incredibly distracting for those who need complete silence. That’s why an empty classroom could come in handy for a study session or two. If your teacher is cool with you working there, it’ll offer you the peace and solitude you need to get work done. Plus, because you’re not at home, your less likely to get distracted. That means you should be able to buckle done and finish whatever needs doing.


The park

If all else fails, you might find that the park is actually ideal for getting work done. Being locked up inside all day every day can make a person restless, and that alone is enough to distract you from your work. However, if you’re outside surrounded by nature and wildlife, all that stress driving you crazy might just disappear. That fresh air could be exactly what you need to get inspired and focus on your work. Just make sure it’s not a windy day if you’re going to work in the park. After all, you don’t want to spend your time chasing after loose papers.

We all require different conditions when it comes to studying, so no one place will suit everyone. Thankfully, with all these places to choose from, finding somewhere to study that works for you should be a piece of cake – time to say goodbye to the library.