Practical dorm essentials you absolutely won’t regret

Moving into a dorm can be the perfect time to reinvent your life. After all, you finally have your own space, and you’re about to start the next stage of your life. If you want to make sure that you have everything you need, then these practical dorm essentials will be purchases that you absolutely won’t regret.

A warm blanket

There might be nights when you want something warm and fuzzy to keep away those winter blues. A blanket might be something small, but it can come in helpful on many occasions – even when you least expect it.

Practical dorm essentials you absolutely won’t regret

Bedside caddy

Dorm rooms might be many of our first taste of freedom, but they might not always be the most spacious places on Earth. Bedside caddies mean you can store all of those important things, such as our tablet, phone, and book all by our side without another piece of furniture.

Reading pillow

Many of us love to relax after a long day of classes. Reading pillows could be a lifesaver. No longer do you have to worry about battling for a spot on the couch in the communal areas. Now, you have a comfy spot all of your own.

Blackout curtains

The last thing that many of us want after a night on the town is to be woken up by the beaming sunlight coming through our window. Blackout curtains help to make sure that we get all the sleep we need.

A white noise machine

Some people like to party later than others. If your dorm mates want to keep things going until the early hours, then a white noise machine could help block out their fun, leaving you to get all the sleep you need.

A mini toolkit

It might be surprising how many times a screw will come loose, or a nail starts to poke out from some wood. You might soon be the most popular person in the dorm room thanks to your DIY skills.

A shoe organizer

A shoe organizer can be a brilliant way to save space. Many hook over the back of doors. This means you can still have a new pair of sneakers for every day of the week without finding yourself in a shoe mountain.

A handheld vacuum

No longer do you have to worry about all the crumbs from those midnight snacks. A handheld vacuum can be your new secret weapon. It doesn’t take up much space but will keep the rest of it looking clean and tidy.

Practical dorm essentials you absolutely won’t regret

A long phone charger

If you love being on your phone but don’t want to think about what it would be like to lose battery then have no fear; an extra-long phone charger means you’ll be able to keep up with your friend no matter where you are in your room.

A doorstop

Want to make new friends in your dorm? It might be time to get yourself a doorstop. Keeping your door open throughout the day helps show others that you’re open to meeting new people – and could at least start a conversation.

These practical dorm essentials you absolutely won’t regret are sure to make your life at college is that little bit better. Not only can they help to see life pass by with a breeze, but they could make you the talk of the dorm for all the right reasons, too.