Signs it’s time to transfer to a different college

Sometimes in life, we make decisions that we think are going to be for the best, but then circumstances change, or new information becomes available, and we realize that perhaps there is a better option out there. This can certainly be something that happens when it comes to college, whether you realize that it’s time to change majors, or you decide to transfer to a different college all together. Here are some signs that this college is not for you.

You’re struggling to make friends

No matter how hard you have tried in the first semester, you’re just not finding yourself getting along with anyone. Sometimes you are just not clicking with certain types of people around you. At a certain point, you may realize things might be easier if you got a new start at a different college. It’s important to remember, however, that you do have to make an effort with people and if you aren’t trying to meet new people, a new college isn’t going to magically make that happen for you.


You’re generally miserable

If you find yourself feeling really down and a little depressed, it’s important to look at why. There could be many reasons, some easier to fix than others. If you think it’s the environment you’re in – perhaps the campus is boring, your dorm room is claustrophobic, or you’re just generally feeling trapped and unhappy, maybe you could consider transferring.

You don’t like any of your professors

You are never going to love every single one of your professors, but if you find most (or even all!) of them uninspiring, or difficult to approach, perhaps this isn’t the college for you. It’s hard to learn from someone if you don’t like them, and it’s important to understand what it is that you dislike about them, to see where the issue is. If you really struggle and they make you doubt your capabilities, or don’t make you excited about the subject, you might be better off elsewhere.

The distance

Some people just can’t wait to move away from home and start college, whereas, for other people, the distance can be a deal breaker. Maybe you’re feeling homesick and missing your family and realize that you’re struggling to enjoy college at all because you are just focussing on how much you want to go home. Perhaps transferring to somewhere a little closer will make it easier.


You need to change majors

A vast number of students end up changing their majors at some point – perhaps they discover a new interest, or change their career path along the way. However, if you have found a new major you know you want to take and it’s not available at your school, you will likely need to transfer. This can be hard if you’re happy with every other aspect of the college, but your studies are the most important thing.

It can be difficult to make such a big decision as transferring to another college, but it’s better to do that than be unhappy where you are. If you are not in the right place, you are less likely to succeed.