Staple items you need in your closet if you’re in college

Heading off to college? It seems as though the list of things to pack is never-ending! How could one person need so many things? These staple items you need on your closet if you’re in college should help to see that list become a lot more manageable.


Many of us can’t imagine an outfit without jeans as the central part of it all. They can be dressed up for those days when we have an important meeting or dressed down for those long days in the lecture halls. They are versatile and are sure to come in helpful throughout college.

Photo: BURST

Black leggings

Sure, jeans might be a safe bet for most occasions, but what about when you want a little more room to play with and a bit more comfort? It’s time to say hello to black leggings. They go with just about any outfit while still giving us that relaxed feel that many of us crave in classes.

Waterproof boots

The chances are that any wet weather will see you running in between buildings trying not to get soaked before our next class. It can be easy to forget about our footwear. However, splashing around in wet shoes all day is one way to get distracted – and sick.


Many of us want a way to relax and unwind when we make it back to our dorm. What better way to feel at home than by sliding out of your day shoes and treating your feet to some slippers? Plus, they can be easy to slip on and off when you need to head to the communal areas but don’t want to wear proper shoes.


Going in and out of all those classes means we’ll probably be greeted to constant changing temperatures throughout the colder months. Thankfully, a big scarf is sure to keep us covered as we can take it on and off as we please. The best bit? They can also double up as a hood if we get caught in the rain.

Photo: BURST

Sweat pants

Some days, we need to feel a little more comfortable than others. Lazy days happen to the best of us, and it could be time to embrace the look as we pack our bags for college. Thankfully, most colleges accept their students wearing them about the campus.

Flip flops

Two words: the showers. Living in a dorm might sound fun, but there are some parts that we could do without. Sharing bathrooms is one of them. Thankfully, investing in a pair of shower flip flops should be enough to keep your feet protected from whatever lies beneath.


We hate to break it, but the chances are that there will be a whole host of fire drills throughout the night. Yes, you really will be dragged out into the dark to make sure that everyone is safe. A nice set of pajamas will help make sure that you’re covered just in case.

A fancy jacket

While heading to college is a way for us to earn our degrees, there are also some occasions where we need to let our hair down and have fun. A fancy jacket can be a simple way to jazz up any outfit to make sure that we’re ready for anything.

Believe it or not, but these staple items you need in your closet if you’re in college should help to make sure that you’re covered for any occasion. Sometimes, it’s about packing smartly – not over the top.