Study tips for underachievers

Just because you might be an underachiever at the moment, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In fact, there are many study tips that could soon see your grade skyrocket, and your mind stay focused on the task at hand. Sometimes, it just takes a little practice.

Limit study sessions

It can be easy to pile up all the books you need for every class and try to spend hours cramming as much as possible. However, our brains can only take in so much information at one time before it all becomes too much. To stop your mind from having a meltdown, you might need to learn how to limit your study sessions. Setting aside half an hour of studying with a ten-minute break away from the books could be the perfect place to start.


Don’t think about results

It might sound easy, but it’s best to try and not get hung up on the results of that latest test or practice paper. Yes, they are brilliant ways to see where you are at, but they are not your final grades. Things can always change. Why is there any point worrying about what is said and done? Instead, it’s time to use that as a driving force to help you study as you strive to do better than last time. Personal improvement is just as important as the grade.

Take a walk

If you’re struggling to keep motivated or you have some energy to burn and studying just isn’t cutting it, then it could be time to take a walk. The best bit? There are many audiobooks or apps that can help you to learn while you’re up and about. However, it’s sometimes best to stick to silence to give your brain a rest. A walk outside will help you to get some fresh air and recharge the batteries before focusing back on the task at hand.

Change your materials

Maybe you’ve been reading the same book over and over again only to find that nothing is going in? This could be because our brains need new ways to learn the material. Some of us are visual learners, while others learn better by doing something. Whatever the case, it’s likely there will already be some kind of study material out there to suit your learning method. If not, then why not put your time to use and make your own? You might even be able to inspire others in the long run.


Reward yourself

Sometimes, the idea of a reward could be all we need to make it through the next study session. This could be something simple, like a sweet treat for every few hours of studying we do, or something larger, such as a new pair of jeans or jacket, if we make it all the way through our study plan. It might not be long before our minds start to think of studying and learning as a positive experience rather than something to dread. It might sound easy, but sometimes it’s the simple things that really work.

Being an underachiever doesn’t mean that anyone needs to give up. It just means there might be a little further to get than others, but who wants to spend their lives comparing themselves to other people anyway? That’s what we thought.