Themed party ideas you need to try

Throwing a party? Why not create one with a theme to make it a night that you and your guests will never forget? Thankfully, there are many themed party ideas you need to try that should be enough to see you the social planner of the year amongst your friends.

Slumber party

Perhaps you arrive at a party only to wish that you were at home in your pajamas? So it’s not just us? Rather than have the rest of your guests feeling the same way, it could be time to make pajamas a part of the dress code. This can be the perfect excuse to break out all those comfort food – yes, pizza and ice cream are included – as you and your friends show off your best footsie pajamas.

Themed party ideas you need to try

Alphabet party

This can be a party theme with many different twists. If you want to see people’s creativity put to good use, then it could be time to introduce a letter to the game. Some people prefer to have one letter for the night meaning that everyone has to dress up as something starting with the same letter, while others put a twist on the rules stating guests have to arrive dressed as something beginning with the letter of their name instead. The choice is yours!

Unicorn party

There is a reason that unicorns have become so popular. After all, who wouldn’t want to be an elegant mythical creature flying through the skies? We thought so. To top it off, their popularity means there is a unicorn version of just about everything nowadays. From cupcakes to drinks and everything in between – it could soon be time to add a little pink and blue to your guests’ lives. Plus, the chances are you’ll have plenty of fun creating all the additions for your big night.

Breakfast party

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it could be time to enjoy it at all hours of the day instead. No longer do pancakes, waffles, bacon, and eggs have to be confined to the morning hours. No, cooking up a spread and inviting your friends around to enjoy the night could be the invitation that many have been waiting for all this time.

Themed party ideas you need to try

Games night

Whether you have a collection of your own or know that your friends all have plenty of games to bring along for the night – there are so many opportunities to make your night come to life with a little input from your friends! You might soon find yourself falling in love with an old classic or discovering a game that you never knew existed before. The best bit? The possibilities are endless as you go head to head with your friends for the title of champion.

Throwing a party can be a great time to get those creative juices flowing – especially when you put a theme on it all to really bring the place to life. You never know, you could soon find yourself the ultimate party planner amongst your friends as a result.