Things that only student athletes will relate to

The other students don’t get certain things that student athletes go through – which is OK, but sometimes it’s funny to take a load off and appreciate the busy, hectic lifestyle we choose to endure. To your college mates who don’t play sports, you may seem a little crazy but we know you wouldn’t have it any other way!

A balancing act

Balancing school, work commitments and still have a social life is hard enough for most but then throw in sports and you have even less free time. We are pretty sure you will be able to relate to some of the following issues as a student-athlete.

That smell

You used to wonder what the heck your parent’s problem was when it came to emptying your laundry basket. ‘’What’s the problem?’’ Well now you know, some sporting goods never lose that smell no matter how many times you wash them, it lingers and reminds you of every ounce of sweat you endured in each game or training session.

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Things that only student athletes will relate to

That group chat

You and your team have a way with words and that builds up solid camaraderie between you all. Whether you use FB Messenger or Whatsapp, the group was initially started to organize game times, practice meets, and anything else team related.

The group chat usually turns out to be more of a roasting pot, where anybody is in the firing line and not mistakes are left unmentioned. It builds team spirit, and that’s why we all love it, even if it drives your coach crazy!

The fitness tests

Whatever sport you play, there is always a fitness test throw in on a regular basis to check that you still have what it takes to make team selection. Why do these tests apply more pressure to us than match day? We will never know, but you have all felt the looming thoughts of team fitness tests as a student-athlete! Breaking you mentally and building yourself back up, that’s what these tests are all about, and they translate into new skills you can take out onto the track or the field with you.

The Dry run

As college students, you feel it is almost expected of you to get drunk at every possible chance! UNLESS you are a student-athlete of course! Staying out until dawn and fist-pumping beers in the air is surely possible, but you need your recovery and beauty sleep more than others.

We have all had that team talk before a tournament or big game between our biggest rivals, and we know the team comes first if we want to partake, but it never made those dry nights of no fun bearable. Saying no to parties in college is tough!

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Things that only student athletes will relate to

Team songs

Every team has that winning song or at least one that makes you feel ready to win! It can change more often than the weather and is often a team voted option – from cheesy pop music to anything that your team can dance to! Dance routines are one of the most fun parts of falling in love with your team song, and every time you hear of it in future, you will get sweet memories of all those victories.

Mr Forgetful

Remember the clown who never remembered their kit, or match day, or what time the bus was leaving? We all have one, and they are almost an unwritten rule for existing in the student-athlete world. The forgetful ones are usually some of the happiest athletes, happy-go-lucky and not a care in the world, be prepared to bail them out often!

If you’re a student athlete, then you’ll surely relate to some, if not all, of these things. Are you Mr Forgetful? Or have you experienced ‘that’ laundry smell a few too many times? There’s one thing we know, though – we wouldn’t change it for the world!