Things you will miss about living with your college friend

Eventually, you have to grow up and live like an adult, which means saying goodbye to your college roommates. For all their annoying habits (stop leaving the milk on the counter!) there’s so much you’re going to miss about them. Whether its opinions on your major choice, your outfit or relationship drama, you’re going to miss having someone to talk things through with at will. After a crazy Saturday night, you’ll miss having lazy Sundays on the couch watching old Disney films and eating leftover pizza, recounting the exploits of the night before!


It’s so much more fun eating as a group, especially if you’ve helped to prepare something together (or, let’s face it, even better if someone has cooked for you!). Even when you’re broke students having to eat more pasta than a human should consume, it’s made much better when you’re with friends. When you’re ordering with your roomie, you’ll always hit the delivery minimum. You’ll also be able to share their food too for those times when you just can’t decide between the pizza or the curry!

A group wardrobe

Sure, your clothes are fine, but there’s something about someone else’s clothes that are just so much better. When you live with friends, your clothing options open up hugely, and you’ll find yourselves buying outfits specifically to share. Moving out means you’ll be left with your own boring wardrobe, plus any bits you’ve managed to “accidentally” borrow and sneak away with you.

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Things you will miss about living with your college friend


You are going to miss having someone analyze text messages in great detail with you, and then help you write the perfect, witty, playing it cool response, before helping distract you while you wait for the reply. ALso, sometimes a selfie just doesn’t cut it, especially if you want a shot of your whole outfit for your Instagram! Having a roomie means you can have impromptu fashion shoots whenever you want and you’re really going to miss that!

Partying and encouraging

Sometimes the getting ready is the best part of the night out. Playing loud ’90s cheese, borrowing each other’s makeup and straighteners, dancing like idiots while you try on different outfits – sigh, it just won’t be the same. Whether you want someone to kick you into shape at the gym, remind you that you should be studying or just generally give you some motivational speeches about living your life the best you can, your roommate has got you covered.

Joint all-nighters

If you’re both up late doing a paper or studying for finals, at least you’ve got company. Sure, you’re probably a distraction to each other, but really it’s much nicer to know you’re not up at 3 am writing about American history entirely on your own.

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Things you will miss about living with your college friend

Keeping you strong

After a breakup, you’ll need your college roommate to provide the ice cream, watch Bridget Jones’ Diary with you, and take your phone off you when you are about to text him – you’ll miss having her there when things are going wrong!

You’ll just miss them. After spending so much time together, living together 24/7, it’s going to be so weird not having them there. Calling and texting just isn’t going to be the same. At least you’ll have the amazing memories!