Things that you will regret doing as an undergraduate

Let’s be honest; college is the best and worst time of your life (you know it’s true). On the one hand, you have this amazing new experience full of new people, new education, independence, and fun. On the other hand, there’s debt, there’s stress, there’s a heck load of work, and there’s around 167 ‘I can’t do this anymore’ moments. Most of the time, you learn to take the good with the bad, but that doesn’t mean we don’t regret any of our decisions. Yep, there are loads of things we regret about our time as an undergraduate student – here are just a few of them…

Spending too much money

Okay, this one is down to society – but also the fact that we had absolutely NO self-control at college. Of course, when you’re living on your own, or in self-catered dorms, you have a lot more to pay for than when you were living in your mom and dad’s basement and having your meals cooked for you. Naturally, this means you have to shell out a heck of a lot more to pay all of your household bills, buy your groceries, and live like an adult (eugh). However, we were also pretty silly with our money. Instead of buying groceries to make meals like normal people, we’d shell out hundreds of dollars each month on takeaways and ridiculous items for our dorm rooms. Sure, a giant blow-up dinosaur sounded like a good idea at the time. But really, it wasn’t. Save your money, kids!

Things that you will regret doing as an undergraduate

Partying like a rockstar

Like Nickelback once said, we all just wanna be big rockstars, but maybe you should wait until you’ve finished college to do so. We’re not telling you to lock yourself in your room and avoid all contact with human beings (unless you’re into that) but there’s a big difference between partying like a normal college undergraduate and partying like a rockstar. Yeah, you can go to that frat party or take a trip to the karaoke bar, but make sure you’re partying responsibly and not affecting your chances of actually obtaining your degree. It’s all about moderation.

Not working

College is a time for focusing on your studies, right? Well, not quite. Of course, the main aim of college is to further your education and better your chances of landing your dream job – but it’s not all about the brains. Getting the correct work experience under your belt can often be just as important as your grades. Not only this, but working part-time will also help you monetary situation (which we’ve already explained is pretty dire). So, rather than sitting on your backside when you have a free minute, try and find a job that will help you out.


Although college seems pretty darn fun, it’s also incredibly hard. The transition from high school to college is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and transports you into a whole new world. Because it’s tough, we often found ourselves whining at every available opportunity (so, all the time). However, we soon realized that whining wasn’t actually going to solve anything. Get on with it, get the job done, do the work, and finish college with an awesome degree. Only then are you allowed to whine. Got it? Good.

Things that you will regret doing as an undergraduate

Whether you’re getting ready to go to college, whether you’re currently studying at college, or whether you’ve graduated, you can probably all relate to these things you’ll regret doing as an undergraduate.