Tips to help you live with a communal dorm bathroom

Dorm rooms might sound like fun and games, but there are some aspects that many of us worry about. Communal dorm bathrooms. While it might seem like a scary thought, there are many tips to help you live with a communal dorm bathroom throughout your time at college.

Learn peak hours

This can be one of the most important rules to learn when it comes to sharing a communal dorm bathroom. You might find that many people in the block like to shower at the same time. If this is the case, then try to plan your routine around the rest of the time when it’s likely there’ll be fewer people in the bathroom. If you can, opting for the time before means it’s likely the bathroom will be cleaner than when the hoard have made their way through.

Tips to help you live with a communal dorm bathroom

Keep your area clean

Sure, making sure that you clean up after yourself might not be enough to keep on top of the entire bathroom, but it’s one way to make sure there’s at least one less person’s mess in the bathroom. That’s not all. You might find that cleaning up your area and making a point of keeping your things clean and organized could soon inspire others to do the same. Sometimes, it takes one person to set the trend.

Invest in a robe

While some of us don’t mind other people seeing what’s on offer, not everyone else is ready for the surprise. Plus, many of us want to make sure that we’re covered without the worry of dropping our towel or taking our pajamas into the bathroom where they could get wet or dirty. Thankfully, robes are usually pretty inexpensive, and they can make a world of difference to our bathroom experience. As if that wasn’t enough, a fluffy robe at the end of our shower can be the perfect treat after a long day in the classroom.

Wear flip-flops

This might go without saying, but it’s likely the floor of the communal dorm bathroom is likely to get pretty wet and messy after a few people have been through. By the end of the day, the floor could have been more hygienic. Thankfully, flip-flops could be the answer you need to avoid letting your feet go anywhere near all that mess. They’re waterproof, meaning you can wear them in the shower, but they won’t bring in any dirt from the outside and add to the mess already there.

Tips to help you live with a communal dorm bathroom

Prioritize your agenda

This can be important if you want to make sure that you get the basics done before you lose your spot in the bathroom. If washing your hair is the most vital part of your routine, then make sure you’re ready by the showers to grab the next free cubicle. If it’s all about brushing your teeth and checking yourself in the mirror, then that section of the bathroom is going to become your new best friend. Sometimes, you might find you need to sacrifice part of your routine.

Many aspects of college life can introduce us to a whole new world, including sharing communal bathrooms. However, learning a few tips to help you adjust to the new way of using the bathroom could be all you need to make it through your college experience.