Top 5 most commonly eaten foods on college campuses

College is full of great experiences, but the dining hall food does not count as one on most campuses. Which leaves students with two options. Either put up with the less than desirable campus cafeteria or find food elsewhere. While one can decide to cook their own food, that’s sadly not an option that the larger percentage of students which live in campus dorms can go for. College dorms allow limited gadgets inside, which mostly leaves students with options that only allow for boiling.


Besides bad cafeteria food and limited cooking supplies, time is also another factor that affects the kind of food that most college students go for. Between classes, keeping up with assignments, tests and preparing for finals alongside extracurricular activities and keeping an active social life, students barely have the time to make a well balanced meal, let alone time to sit around and eat unhurriedly. As a result, students go for fast to get, fast to eat food. Better if it can be eaten on the go.

Money is another big factor in what college students eat…and in everything else they do. Mostly broke students go for cheap meals that do not create big holes in their already empty pockets. With other stuff like tuition and housing expenses to take care of, food expenses are shoved to the background.

Of all the foods commonly eaten by college students, the 5 listed below are the most common. Every student has most likely had them for breakfast, lunch or dinner on most days of every other semester.

Ramen or cup noodles

For those living in dorms, ramen is basically the go to food half of the time. After all, all it needs is throwing into hot water for a few minutes and it’s ready to eat. It doesn’t take much time, doesn’t require any preparation and is available in many flavors. A cup of noodles is just the kind of food that students grab on the go while rushing to class or meetings within campus.


When students are not eating cafeteria food or making easy to boil dishes in their dorm rooms, they’re ordering take out. Pizza, specifically cheese pizza is one of the most ordered foods in campuses.



Just like ramen, pasta is very easy to make, doesn’t require lots of kitchen appliances and takes a very short time to prepare. The sauces available for flavoring provide a kind of variety that students appreciate.

Frozen Yogurt

Not a very healthy choice, but college students don’t seem to care much about that as frozen yogurt happens to be the most ordered foods in fast food outlets by students. Given, it’s more healthy than most of the food choices most students go for.


The good thing with sandwiches is that almost any edible fresh ingredient can be used to make one. With a loaf of bread and the filling of choice, a sandwich is easy to put together and even better, requires no cooking. When not making simple, basic sandwiches in their dorm rooms and eating them on the move students are ordering more complex ones in fast food outlets.