The top colleges for celebrities

Although most people make their way to college with the intention of gaining an education and then becoming rich and famous, it’s fair to say that this sometimes happens the other way around. After all, the world of Hollywood is full of former child stars who made their mark from a young age. Most of the time, these youngsters had to put their education on hold for the sake of their music or acting career. They were homeschooled from their trailers on set, and they spent their days traveling across the country for the sake of their paycheck. However, they sometimes get to a point in their careers when they want to take a break, and some of these celebs then decide to give college a go…

Brown University

Let’s be honest; we all know who Emma Watson is. After making her mark as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie franchise, it seemed as though Emma wanted to explore her intellectual side a bit more. Although her agents and the rest of the world didn’t want her to retire from acting, she knew that she had to do something for herself. So, she enrolled at Brown University in 2011 and studied on-and-off for the next five years. By the time 2014 came around, she graduated with a degree in English Literature and a new love for the world.

Emma Watson

Harvard Business School

Harvard is one of the biggest Ivy League schools in the game, and Tyra Banks is one of the fiercest models in the game. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that Tyra graduated from Harvard Business School in 2012. Tyra learned how to be the ultimate female boss while at this college, and she has since used this experience to expand her own brand and create her empire. Thanks to this, Tyra has since been a guest lecturer in numerous colleges across the United States, including Stanford University.

New York University

Although most of us know Cole and Dylan Sprouse as the twins from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, you can also call them college graduates. After their early life in the limelight, the twins decided to take a break from the acting world and become normal teenagers. Because of this, they both opted to make their way to New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Dylan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in video game design, while Cole graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geographical information systems and satellite imaging.


Cole and Dylan Sprouse

University of Southern California

Close to the bright lights of Hollywood, the University of Southern California is a popular spot for celebs who want to improve their education and experience the college experience. After making a name for herself on iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove decided to do just that. She began her first semester here in 2012 and studied on-and-off for many years. This is largely because she decided to switch her major from film studies to another course. Because she was inspired by her psychologist father, Miranda opted to major in psychology instead.

It’s easy to assume that once celebs make it big in the world of fame and fortune that they leave their education behind. However, life in the limelight just isn’t enough for some people. They make their way back to college and set up shop in some of the best universities the country has to offer.