Most useful websites and apps for college students that will make you smarter and more productive

College isn’t meant to be easy. If it was then having a degree wouldn’t be worth as much. However, just because it’s supposed to be challenging, that doesn’t mean you should spend the next four years of your life struggling. There are plenty of sites and apps out there which are designed to make student life easier. They’re aimed at increasing knowledge and productivity, thereby ensuring that your college experience is relatively stress-free.



Most college degrees require you to take exams to test all you’ve learned over the years. These can be incredibly stressful, and preparing for them is no walk in the park. Thankfully, Koofers is here to help. This website offers over 2 million flashcards which are designed to make studying so much easier. No matter what exam you’re preparing for, they should have something perfectly suited to you.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Waking up for class is incredibly difficult, especially when you don’t have your parents around to ensure you’re awake. That’s why an app like Alarmy could really help you out. It’s described as the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App,” and it will ensure you never miss a class. You’ll be grateful for that when it’s exam season, and you realize you’re so much more prepared than everyone else.


Are you someone that’s easily distracted? Procrastination is a problem that affects plenty of students, and dealing with it isn’t always easy. However, with an app like SelfControl, you might be able to stop yourself from wasting so much time. This essentially blocks your access to things like social media while you’re studying. All you do is select the sites you want to block, choose how long you want to remove access to them, then select “Start.”


Some people prefer to study by themselves, whereas others find they take in more when they work with others. If you’re in the latter category, then a site like OpenStudy should be to your liking. This is a free community where you can set up study groups with other students and work towards getting good grades. It boasts around 200 different groups across a range of subjects, including physics, history, and math, so there should be a place for you there.


iStudiez Pro

The students who tend to cope the best in college are the ones that are organized. With iStudiez Pro, you can plan everything for the days and weeks ahead so that nothing ever gets the best of you. It’s great for keeping track of your classes and arranging study periods that won’t interfere with your other activities. Just remember to actually do everything that you put in your planner.

Wolfram Alpha

How often have your professors told you not to trust sites like Wikipedia? Obviously, not all the information on there is accurate because everyone can manipulate it. However, what are you supposed to use if not sites like this one? Well, it might be worthwhile turning to something like Wolfram Alpha. This app offers plenty of expert knowledge that is always reliable, so no-one can ever call you out for lying in your essays.

Thanks to the internet, being a student is easier than ever. There are now so many tools at your disposal to help you learn better and stay on top of everything. You may as well make the most of them while you can because you won’t be a student forever.