Ways to prioritize your life in college

Going from high school to college means more than just stepping up the workload. A lot of people overlook that going to college is a rite of passage. Time management is a skill that is needed throughout life and so what better way to learn it than in college? Here’s how.

Chores and errands

We overlook chores and errands as burdens but they are key to running a healthy and organized life. Dedicating a day to chores and errands is a great way to feel like an adult who has their life together. A lot of people do this on Sundays as this is a great way to get organized before college starts again on Monday. It doesn’t have to be on Sunday but take a day to change your linen, clean areas, go shopping for things that you need, and do a little bit of self-care (this includes laundry as clean clothes feel great). These are just as important as assignments and exams so don’t under-prioritize them

Ways to prioritize your life in college

Plan the week out

Whether it’s in a diary, on a whiteboard, or on your phone- plan the week out. Organization is key to effective prioritization. Plan larger tasks to be spread out over the week rather than all in one day so as not to get overwhelmed. This is a great way to prioritize things without letting them take over mental space. Planning out the week also shows how much free time is available so if you get invited anywhere you’ll be less likely to say no because you feel like you don’t have time. Color-coding bigger tasks and little tasks also help to show what kind of week it will be like whether its busy or calm. It’s all about dealing with the ups and downs of college life.

Take breaks

Relaxation is just as important as working and being productive. Even our electronics have to recharge every once in a while so why not take some time to yourself. A lot of people like to sleep in on the weekends as a way to recharge but if this isn’t for you, a great way to take a break is to exercise. It isn’t as much work as it seems and is an excuse to have a change of scenery, a change of clothes, and a great shower afterward. Breaks also include some socializing. Don’t overwork yourself without letting loose.

Ways to prioritize your life in college

Be healthy

Just like cars can’t run on bad fuel so too can our bodies not run on little sleep, no water, and bad foods. In college, it’s easy to overlook nutrition as our bodies are still young and bad food goes hand-in-hand with the word ‘cheap’. The worst thing we can do for our bodies is to make them work even harder by putting the wrong things into them. Prioritizing health will make prioritizing everything else easier. But it’s not all about diet. College students are known for getting as little sleep as possible which is the worst thing to do when wanting to live an organized life. Getting sleep is so important to recharge the body so that it can handle whatever tasks we set for it. Water is also incredibly important, especially on hot days, as it keeps our bodies moisturized and energized.