Weekend staycation ideas for college students

When you’re a college student, money isn’t generally a luxury you can afford. You barely have enough cash to pay bills and buy food, let alone have a social life. That’s why when it comes to the weekend, you’re probably fairly limited on what you can do. You can’t visit friends in other states or pop home to see the family because you don’t have the funds to finance it. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your precious time off lying in bed wondering why you’re so poor.

Have a movie night

Who doesn’t love sitting down and watching a good movie, especially when they’re with friends? If you’re looking for a way to occupy an evening, why not invite a couple of pals over and chillax with some films. If everyone brings over their own drinks and snacks, then you won’t have to worry about catering for your guests. All you have to do is pick some movies that everyone will enjoy – how hard can that be?

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Go exploring

When you’re busy drinking with friends and studying for exams, you tend to forget all the amazing things right outside your door. However, there’s so much waiting for you out there that you’ve probably never even seen before. When was the last time you went exploring the town that you live in? If it’s a nice day, go for a walk and see what you discover. By avoiding the routes you usually take and embracing your sense of adventure, you’ll probably encounter a hidden gem or two.

Visit somewhere free

If money’s a big issue, find somewhere to go in your area that won’t cost you a dime. Museums and galleries typically don’t charge for entry, although whether there will be one nearby depends on where your campus is. These can be a great way to pass the time, especially if you need a bit more culture in your life. If you’re worried that a trip here might be a bit boring, you can always invite a friend along to keep you entertained.

Get creative

Two whole days to yourself is a lot of time when you think about it. There’s so much you can achieve in a weekend, meaning it’s the perfect time to start something new. You could take up a new hobby, or do some DIY. These aren’t going to break the bank – unless you choose an expensive hobby – and you’ll feel like you’ve used your time off wisely.

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Catch up on sleep

For some people, doing nothing but sleeping is the perfect way to spend a weekend. It doesn’t cost any money, and it will help you to feel refreshed come Monday morning. When you’re a student, you spend so much time working or partying that your sleep schedule often suffers. However, it’s essential to get enough rest because tiredness can significantly impact your performance at college. So, if you’re feeling drained by the end of Friday, don’t be afraid to sleep your weekend away.

Being short on cash isn’t the end of the world when you’re a student. You just have to find more creative ways to spend your time off.